Supporting the LGBTQ+ Community at BCG

Pride@BCG offers extensive career-development support, as well as mentorship and networking opportunities to help BCGers excel and connect with fellow LGBTQ+ professionals.

Be Respected and Celebrated for Who You Are 

You can’t solve the world’s biggest problems without an inclusive culture, which is why our global Pride@BCG network strives to make BCG the most fulfilling firm for LGBTQ+ community members. We provide a welcoming, LGBTQ-friendly environment to ensure that all employees have opportunities to succeed and become leaders for positive change—throughout their careers at BCG and beyond.
Empowered By Our People
 Take advantage of Pride@BCG's numerous affiliation events—such as happy hours and global and regional get togethers—to develop strong informal relationships and friendships with senior members of the group. The best part? You’ll always be a part of this amazing community, even if you leave BCG. Pride@BCG alumni maintain an active, ongoing relationship with the group.
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Best Places to Work for LGBTQ+ Equality

For the 15th consecutive year, we are one of Human Rights Campaign's Best Places to Work for LGBTQ+ Equality! We believe that all employees deserve the opportunity to thrive at work while being respected and celebrated for who they are.

Proudly Growing Pride@BCG

From leading-edge benefits to 1:1 mentoring opportunities, our support of the LGBTQ+ community runs deep.
Our Points of Focus

Our organization is most successful when we elevate our diversity of thought and create environments where all our employees can thrive. That’s why Pride@BCG concentrates on:

  • Expanding access to outstanding LGBTQ+ talent pools by sponsoring recruiting events across our footprint, such as ROMBA (USA), EurOut (Europe), LGBT Leaders (UK), LGBT Talents (France), and Pride2Be (Brazil)

  • Creating a culture that is safe and comfortable for all LGBTQ+ BCGers so that they feel able to be themselves fully at work

  • Conducting and publishing original research and thought leadership on LGBTQ-related topics
  • Articulating BCG’s values externally at tables and in forums that matter
Respecting Your Journey

Pride@BCG recognizes the social and cultural differences that may exist globally, so we’ve created three membership levels so you can engage comfortably with the network. You can choose to be 1) a general member (out to all of BCG), 2) a confidential member (out only to Pride@BCG members), or 3) a confidential subscriber to our emails (out only to Pride@BCG admin team). If you do not identify as LGBTQ+, we welcome you to join as an ally.

We fully respect each person’s choices about their own journey and, where appropriate, need for confidentiality. Your choice to come out to your fellow BCGers is your choice, and we respect your privacy. For more information about our network, please write to


Meet BCGers

From every part of the globe and at every seniority level, Pride members are thriving in unique and personalized ways. With much opportunity for growth and empowerment, you can define your own path and experience.

"Pride@BCG has been a huge source of energy in my career so far at BCG—a diverse community of switched-on colleagues, a source of mentorship, a platform for impact and a source of lifelong connections."

Elliot Vaughn
Managing Director and Partner, Global Leader of Pride@BCG, London, UK

"One of my personal focuses within the Pride network is to increase awareness and support for intersectional identities. As a queer non-binary person, having the support of BCG to pursue efforts like this is really incredible."

Brittany Ayers
Executive Assistant, New York, USA

"My favorite thing about Pride@BCG is the camaraderie. It is great having friends and colleagues with whom I can share my personal and professional highs and lows. Pride@BCG has been a great outlet and source of support."

Jeremy Jackson
Alumnus, Los Angeles, USA

"Through Pride@BCG, I've connected with a tremendous group of peers spanning all regions of the globe and all levels of tenure. The Network has truly become my extended BCG family."

Gabrielle Novacek
Managing Director and Partner, Chicago, USA

"Pride@BCG was definitely one of the main reasons I chose to join BCG. Getting the positive reinforcement during my recruitment that I could be my authentic self at my workplace was exactly what I needed to make my choice."

Rajthilak Rajasekar
Consultant, Singapore

"Pride@BCG has been a companion to me since the very start of my BCG journey. It’s a community of people who demonstrate that this is an environment that you can succeed in no matter your identity or self-expression."

Amrit Sharma
Consultant, Melbourne, Australia

Pride In Our Own Words
Read thought leadership from BCGers on all things Pride—their own experiences, LGBTQ research, pride month, and more.
Why the First Year Matters to LGBTQ+ Employees
The first twelve months are make or break for LGBTQ+ employees—with those who don’t come out professionally in the first year likely to remain closeted.
A New LGBTQ+ Workforce Has Arrived–Inclusive Cultures Must Follow
The LGBTQ+ employee demographic has changed. Diversity, equity and inclusion strategies need to be upgraded to match these evolving needs.
The Diversity Dividend in Southeast Asia
Only about half the companies in the region have a formal diversity program in place—far lower than the global average. But those initiatives are generating results.
New Global Champions
Why fast-growing companies from emerging markets are embracing LGBTQ+ inclusion.

OUTStanding LGBTQ+ Role Models

We are excited to share that six BCGers have been featured in the OUTstanding LGBTQ+ Role Model Lists for 2021. These lists showcase LGBTQ+ business leaders and allies who break down barriers and create more inclusive workplaces across the world through their trailblazing efforts. Hear advice from the honorees below about supporting LGBTQ+ individuals and creating a more inclusive workplace. 

OUTstanding LGBT+
​​​​​​​Future Leader
"Being curious, empathetic and intentional can make a world of difference for LGBTQ+ individuals at the workplace–curious about learning about the LGBTQ+ community, empathetic to realize what’s easy for many straight, cis-gendered individuals can be a real struggle for LGBTQ+ individuals and intentional about being supportive. One doesn’t need a degree in allyship to be ally. It’s a journey and now is always a good time to start!"

Kushal Khandhar (he/him)
Global Pride@BCG Manager
OUTstanding LGBT+
​​​​​​​Future Leader
"Everyone should ask themselves to take 3-5 “small steps” in the near term future. A few examples of these actions include attending an allyship training, adding your pronouns to your email signature, or participating in office diversity network programming. Making these types of small, frequent commitments towards personal growth are key steps to signaling your allyship and fostering an inclusive environment for those around you."

Rachael Stein (she/they)
Project Leader
OUTstanding LGBT+
"One of the most impactful contributions that a co-worker can make is to be there at the 'moment of truth.' So much of our workplace experiences boil down to those 1,000 touchpoints and interactions that we have every day – and when a co-worker is able to seamlessly step in upon recognizing non-inclusive language or behavior, it can make all the difference in the world to that LGBTQ+ employee who wants so much to be recognized and respected for who they are."

Gabrielle Novacek (she/her)
Managing Director and Partner
OUTstanding LGBT+
"Everyone can help to create an inclusive environment – not just once in a while but on a regular basis. Start by using pronouns, encourage others to be authentic at work and actively listen."

Michael Schachtner (he/him)
Managing Director and Partner
OUTstanding Ally Executive
"Allyship is about seeking to understand - investing time to get to know individuals and to understand their experiences and aspirations. The best allies do not simply rely on their diverse colleagues to provide that understanding - they put in work. It’s especially important for senior leaders to embrace and role modeling this for others in our communities."

Rich Lesser (he/him)
Global Chair
OUTstanding Ally Executive
"Being continuously intentional about DE&I can go a long way. This means advocating for and talking about LGBTQ+ DE&I in all possible forums to really embed it in the muscle memory of the broader organization. To truly be diverse, equitable and inclusive, DE&I needs to become a consideration for every employee, and not just the DE&I team."

Matt Krentz (he/him)
Managing Director and Senior Partner


"Everyone should feel free and encouraged to bring their authentic selves to work. Period."

Rich Lesser
Global Chair, New York