A panoramic banner featuring a hand holding a photograph against a vibrant background of a modern building with colorful, geometric panels. Inside the photo, two colleagues, Precious and Fathu, are shown sharing a light moment in a kitchen at their Lagos office. Precious is smiling and holding a mug, while Fathu is laughing and gesturing with his hand, both exuding a friendly, relaxed office atmosphere.

Culture, Values, and Inclusion

Understand the values we stand for and what to expect when you join our
​​​​​​​diverse, global community.

Join a diverse, inclusive, and purpose-led organization with an award-winning culture. 

Our culture is people-focused, and we’re proud to have a welcoming, friendly, and inclusive environment where every individual feels appreciated, heard, and valued. We’re proudly featured as one of Glassdoor’s Best Places to Work. We emphasize strong leadership, foster collaborative inclusive environments built on trust, and provide ongoing coaching and learning opportunities to enable you to be at your best.  

Ensure that work works for you and be rewarded for the value you bring.

We prioritize both professional and personal aspects of your life. We recognize the immense value you bring and offer competitive salaries and comprehensive, tailored employee benefits packages to ensure you feel valued, while our flexible work initiatives ensure your career is fulfilling and sustainable.  

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Access exceptional learning programs and limitless career growth.
We offer top-of-class career growth opportunities within a high-performance environment. We value hard work and ask you to adopt a growth mindset when you join. You will be encouraged to take ownership of your career and be provided ample opportunities to grow. We pride ourselves on our transparent annual review process and ensure that you are rewarded fairly and given ample guidance to advance your career. 

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Solve the world's most challenging problems with a supportive team. 

For over a decade and a half, our ground-breaking investment in 'teaming' has reaped dividends. We work in a dynamic and efficient way that helps us solve problems cooperatively and drive outcomes for our clients. With over 100 expert coaches globally, we ensure every case team and individual can operate at peak performance and that our teams trust and support one another.

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Our dedication to diversity, equity, and inclusion is unwavering.

BCG’s values guide all that we do. We encourage our people to act with integrity, respect individuality, and make ethical decisions. We’re proud that, when surveyed in 2022, 97% of our employees felt personally responsible for maintaining our values. 

We have a long history of commitment and action to DEI, both internally and externally. Within BCG, we believe in making everyone feel valued, supported, and able to reach their full potential. All BCG leaders are responsible for prioritizing DEI, ensuring it's central to our growth. We’ve proudly helped several global organizations enhance their own DEI strategies and apply our BLISS Index to clients and ourselves to continuously improve our approach to inclusion. 

A Conversation on Disability Inclusion

Miguel, a Managing Director and Senior Partner, and Shreya, a Lead Strategic Designer, discuss their work on increasing disability inclusion at BCG.

Driving Inclusion Through Mentorship

Camilla, a Global People Team Manager, reflects on her experience creating a mentorship program to enhance career opportunities for Black and Latinx BCGers in our Boston office. 

Providing Support for LGBTQ+ BCGers

Rachael, a Brooklyn based Principal, reflects on their experience and impact as a member of our LGBTQ+ employee resource group.

Bring your best self to work and join communities that support you.

Our list of employee resource groups is always growing and includes groups for Women, LGBTQ+, Disabled, Asian, Black, Hispanic and Latinx, Indigenous, veteran and former military, and family and caregiver communities. 

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