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BCG Employee Benefits

We invest in every BCGer with our employee benefits package, crafted to support financial wellbeing, physical wellbeing, mental health, and work-life balance.

Your health and wellbeing become our priority when you join. 

We know you’ll thrive if you’re physically and mentally well, socially motivated, in good financial health, and feel connected to your workplace. We’re proud of our reputation for providing competitive compensation and benefits packages that are personalized, fair, equitable, and inclusive.

We understand your circumstances may evolve throughout your career and allow you to tailor your benefits, ensuring you feel valued and cared for. You may define your work environment and patterns to suit personal, client or business needs, reduce your working hours and have flexibility in where you work.
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How, where, and when our people work is not a one-size-fits-all approach.

Principal Anis Mohd Nor is one of the many BCGers who participate in our flexibile working arrangements. Hear how BCG helped Anis achieve a work-life balance that best suits her needs. 

Access a range of benefits that cater to your financial, mental, physical, and emotional wellbeing throughout your career. 

Benefits vary by region but may include health plans, gym memberships, mental health resources, and subsidized access to local recreational amenities. We offer provisions for maternity and paternity leave, adoption support, eldercare resources, and bereavement leave to care for families in every stage. Our employee assistance programs include support services such as counselling, legal and financial consultations and crisis line availability.
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Prioritizing your wellbeing, physically and mentally.

Mark Kelly is passionate about fostering a culture that prioritizes employee health and wellbeing. Hear how Mark pursues his passions in his role as Global Wellbeing and Benefits Senior Director. 

We offer over 1,000 benefits across 54 countries, this way, everyone can be the best version of themselves.

Hear from BCGers about our benefits.
“I was able to have flexibility when I needed it and I was never penalized for it. People will sometimes ask if it took me longer to become an MDP because I was part time, and the answer is no.”

Jeanne Kwong Bickford
Managing Director and Senior Partner
“The support I received from BCG and my colleagues helped me navigate the challenges of being a parent to a newborn with a rare heart defect. My case teams bent over backwards to ensure I never missed a [doctor's] appointment.”

Josh Dembowitz
“I appreciate the flexibility we have and the emphasis that our leaders are putting on taking time to rest when we need and create that sustainability for ourselves. Especially since I work on a global team, it’s helpful to be able to work remotely when I need to.”

Kelly Appel
Product Owner
“We really take care of our employees and create an environment for people to thrive...I’ve personally been given a lot of opportunities to work on different projects using new, innovative approaches.”

Arpit Johri
Global Learning and Development Operations Lead
“Beyond finding flexibility in my role, BCG has offered me flexibility in my personal life. I took sabbaticals when my two daughters were born, and I now work part-time so that I can continue to spend time with them.”

Arthi Rajesh
India Director of Human Resources
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