This panoramic image displays a hand holding a photograph with a contrasting, vibrant abstract background. The background consists of curved segments in dark green, black, and warm orange tones, forming a dynamic and colorful pattern. The photograph within the image shows two individuals, Jair and Lorena, sitting in a relaxed office setting, sharing a light-hearted conversation over a cup of coffee. This setting is identified as the Bogotá office.

About Working at BCG

Ready to go beyond and solve the world’s biggest problems?
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Join a purpose-led, globally renowned management consulting firm with a legacy of innovation and impact. 

At Boston Consulting Group (BCG), our purpose is to unlock the potential of those who advance the world; innovation and impact are at our core. As a pioneer in management consulting, our sixty-year success story is built on decades of breakthrough solutions and transformative results. Our network of 30,000 BCGers spans 50 countries in over 100 offices, and we are united by our shared purpose-to go beyond the expected and make a lasting difference. 

Bring Insight to Life

Learn more about Afo’s experience in AI, data science and technology, and how he’s bringing insights to light for clients at BCG X.

Conquer Complexity

BCG provided Kesh with the tools and confidence to tackle complexity in the energy sector, and have a direct impact on South Africa’s climate agenda.

Lead with Integrity

As a leader, Uche ensures inclusion is a top priority and recognizes the value of mentorship in professional development.

Drive Inspired Impact  

See how Sophia’s changing the sustainability conversation through her innovation and creativity as a Technology Architect at BCG Platinion.

Grow by Growing Others

Martin values the opportunity BCG gives him to bring the best out of people on his team and build human connection at work.

Work at BCG and partner with the world’s leading organizations to solve their biggest challenges. 

 BCG is the trusted partner for many of the world's most influential organizations. We dive deep into their biggest challenges and find opportunities where others see obstacles. Our collaborative approach is unique - we combine business strategy with a passion for finding the most impactful solutions, ensuring our clients not only grow but also shape the future. Our forward-thinking leadership constantly prioritizes innovation, from our tech build and design unit, BCG X, to our commitments and investments in climate and sustainability. BCG ensures you have the latest tools and processes to excel in your career. 

Discover what our BCGers have been working on

Helping governments reach climate targets

Jonas, a Knowledge Expert, shares how he used his expertise to develop policy recommendations on decarbonization for the German government.

Championing LGBTQ+ workplace inclusion

Three of our Pride@BCG leaders discuss BCG’s pro bono work with the non profit Open for Business to highlight the economic case for LGBTQ+ inclusion in the workplace.

Empowering minority and women-owned businesses

Walter, a Principal, shares how he has been able to provide support to 140+ entrepreneurs and diverse-owned businesses through BCG Spark.
In a modern office setting with tall buildings visible through a window, a woman with long wavy brown hair, wearing a black long sleeved shirt, holds a paper while writing on a clear glass board with a marker. Next to her, a man in a light pink shirt with slicked-back dark hair stands with his arms crossed, attentively observing her work. Both are engaged in a collaborative discussion. Centered over the woman in the foreground is a white square frame.

Collaborate with hard-working, diverse, and curious people within a supportive environment. 

At BCG, you'll be surrounded by a community of resourceful, diverse, and driven professionals, all working collaboratively to achieve excellence. Our award-winning, inclusive culture celebrates diverse perspectives and fosters a sense of belonging, ensuring every BCGer feels valued and equipped to excel today and adapt to the challenges of tomorrow. 

Embark on a continuous learning journey with the flexibility to explore a variety of career paths. 

Your growth is our priority. Each individual's BCG career path is unique. Whether you're starting your journey or looking to elevate your career, we provide a wide range of career growth opportunities for personal and professional development.  
Two women are having a conversation in a modern indoor setting with large windows and green plants. The woman on the left is seen from her side profile, with blonde hair, wearing a black blazer and a patterned skirt. The woman on the right, facing the camera, has long black hair and is wearing a bright red dress. A white square frame centers over the women in the foreground.
Three individuals are collaborating around a laptop in a minimalistic room. The woman on the left has blonde hair and is wearing a light-colored blouse. The woman in the center has her hair pulled back and is wearing a white shirt. The man on the right is wearing a dark blue shirt. They are all focused on the laptop's screen, suggesting a group discussion or project. In the background, there is a blue chair and a white table lamp, set against a light-colored wall with an artwork. Centered over the three is a white square frame in the foreground.

Receive market-competitive pay and a comprehensive benefits package. 

At BCG, we recognize and reward talent. Our compensation packages are designed to be competitive, reflecting our commitment to our employees. Beyond a market-competitive salary, we offer a comprehensive suite of benefits tailored to support the diverse needs of our people. 

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