BCG Culture and Values

Understand the values we stand for and what to expect when you join our diverse, global community.

Beyond conventional culture.

At BCG, we’re at the forefront of change. We go beyond to help our clients solve complex problems, revolutionize how they do business, and transform the world. It’s no easy feat, and BCG’s culture is fundamental to that success. A diverse workforce with a combination of unique backgrounds and cultures, we’re united by our common purpose and values, curious minds, keen intellect, and powerful motivation to make a difference. If you’re ready to use your instincts and imagination to drive meaningful action, then come unlock your potential and join our global community.
Beyond is where we begin. When we start with Beyond there's no limit to how far we can advance the world. 

Our Purpose: Unlocking the Potential of Those
Who Advance the World

We live our purpose through five principles: Bring Insight to Light, Conquer Complexity, Drive Inspired Impact, Lead, With Integrity, and Grow by Growing Others. See how we live our principles through the films below.
Bring Insight to Life
Learn more about Afo’s experience in AI, data science and technology, and how he’s bringing insights to light for clients at BCG GAMMA.
Drive Insp​​​​​​​ired Impact  
See how Sophia’s changing the sustainability conversation through her innovation and creativity as a Technology Architect at BCG Platinion.
Conquer Complexity
BCG provided Kesh with the tools and confidence to tackle complexity in the energy sector, and have a direct impact on South Africa’s climate agenda.
Grow by Growing Others
Martin values the opportunity BCG gives him to bring the best out of people on his team and build human connection at work.
Lead with Integrity
As a leader, Uche ensures inclusion is a top priority and recognizes the value of mentorship in professional development.

Discover our values.

Our core values are more than just principles. They’re the shared ideas and beliefs that unite us all, guiding how we treat one another and work together to change the world. It’s not just what we believe—it’s the way we live and how we hold one another accountable. Explore how BCGers live and breathe these principles through their work at BCG and beyond.

Explore BCG’s flexible working arrangements.

How, where, and when we work is not a one-size-fits all approach at BCG. We understand that you may need flexibility and adaptability in the workplace, while still responding to the needs of our clients and business. Our flexible working arrangements describe the different ways of working across the firm and availability will depend on your role and location.
Hybrid working
Although physical co-location with your teammates and clients is critical to our success, BCG provides the digital tools and ways of working needed to work effectively in a hybrid context when appropriate. Under exceptional circumstances, remote working opportunities may also be available. 
Reduced working capacity or part-time work
Whether for the short or long term, we will strive to support your choice to work reduced hours and equip you with a working model that enables you and your teams to work effectively. 
Flexible working hours 
For most roles at BCG, there are core hours when you are required to be available to do your job, but you may be allowed to adapt your start and end times to manage your work and meet your individual needs.
Extended time off  
From time to time, you may have a meaningful pursuit or an unexpected personal responsibility outside of work that requires you to take an extended break or leave of absence. BCG provides you with the opportunity to put these first when you need to.

Make your impact on the world.

As a global community of colleagues determined to make the world better every day, we consider making a social impact to be more than just a verbal commitment. It’s actually built into BCG culture through our work and actions. Whether we’re tackling the global climate crisis or improving education for underserved communities, BCG values the opportunity we have to literally change the world. Here are just a few examples of how we’re doing it.  

Read more about what we've accomplished and where we're headed in our Annual Sustainability Report.

Bring your best self to work and join communities that support you.

Diversity and inclusion are crucial for the progress and success of global business—and the two go hand in hand as a major part of BCG’s culture. A workforce with diverse backgrounds and perspectives opens the door to innovative solutions, but employees also need to feel welcome and supported to share their unique experiences, voice disagreement, and offer new ideas.
To empower our global network of employees to be their authentic selves at work, BCG has developed employee resource groups to connect peers, colleagues, and mentors around the globe. These groups create a safe space for growth and community, helping to expand our thinking and enrich the lives of BCGers.

Find out about the benefits to being a BCGer.