Welcome to BCG in Sweden
We are thrilled by your interest in management and strategy consulting, and specifically in BCG. We think you will find that BCG has a great deal to offer, both in terms of career development and life experience.

At BCG, you will be working in a fast-paced, highly motivated and dynamic business environment. Together with our clients, we strive to solve cutting-edge and complex business problems through tailor-made solutions. And with our colleagues, we form a closely connected group of people who are supportive of each other inside and outside the office. 
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Office History

BCG opened its first Nordic office in Stockholm in 1989 with four consultants. Since then, the business has grown rapidly. Our office is located in an 18th-century building, overlooking the Royal Opera and the Royal Castle, right in the heart of Stockholm.

To make room for our growth and to be able to create a more green, open and collaborative office, we are temporarily moving to Kungsgatan 57 in the city centre. 

The work we have done with clients here has turned BCG in Stockholm into a hub with world-class thought leadership in health care, fashion and retail, and media and telecommunications.

Internship 2022

As a so called "Visiting Associate" at our Stockholm office, you will join consultants, data scientists and technologists to work daily with the world's leading businesses on a wide range of high-level strategic challenges.

For 6 weeks you will be fully involved in transformational, cutting-edge client work together with your team. The knowledge, experience, and skills you gain will provide you with a springboard to excel in any field within BCG and beyond.

After a successfully completed internship, you may be offered to retun to BCG as a Full-time Associate upon the completion of your university studies.

When & how to apply?

Application Deadline
The application deadline for 2022 Internships at BCG in Stockholm is October 3, 2021.

Fluency in Swedish is not required.

Documents to submit
  • CV
  • Cover letter
  • University grades up until now
  • High School transcripts

Online Assessment
As part of your application, you will also be asked to complete an assessment consisting of a set of short neuroscience-based games that test your cognitive and behavioral attributes, as well as problem-solving abilities. The games will take 25 minutes in total to complete. No preparation is needed for these games.

What happens after the application?

You can expect to receive a decision within a week after the deadline.

Selection Process
Selected candidates will be invited to one 50-minute interview with a BCG consultant and an online business case. All invited candidates will receive interview coaching and the opportunity to join our case-solving sessions.

Final Round
The final round of interviews consists of one case interview with a BCG Partner. 

We offer multiple start dates throughout the year, except for the summer months (July to mid-August).

Get to know us through our events

Emeralds Talent Program

For: Students from all fields of study

When: From February to December 
Application Deadline: January 30, 2022

Meet our colleagues!

Explore our roles 



We hire our entry-level Associates on an ongoing basis each year. 
If you are a soon-to-be university graduate or have between 1-3 years of work experience you are welcome to submit your application for an Associate position.
Applications are open all year round for experienced professionals or those who are completing/have recently completed an MBA.
Experienced Professionals
Experienced Professionals
Experienced professionals looking to specialise in particular Practice Areas of functional topics. These roles are advertised as they are available.

Business Operations 

Our business requires support from a multitude of different roles including Finance, Human Resources, Marketing, Risk, and IT.

              We go beyond traditional consulting in Sweden

Working in integrated teams, we’re consultants, data scientists, engineers, venture architects, business professionals and business service teams representing a broad spectrum of BCG businesses. Our talent is diverse, our teams are unified, and our knowledge is comprehensive.

We're proud of the dynamic and rewarding careers our BCGers build by transforming vision into value.

Our Application Process for Associates and Consultants at BCG in Sweden

Life requires Flexibility

Part-time arrangements to reduce weekly work hours. BCG will help you design a model that meets your individual needs and career ambitions.
Opportunities to take an additional block of time off during the year.
Access to experiences to further your personal and professional development including but not limited to social impact, work abroad, and leaves of absence.

Diversity & Inclusion at the Stockholm Office

Understand our values and what to expect when you join our diverse, global community.
  • Flexible Holidays: We offer Flexible Holidays for colleagues with other beliefs.
  • Parental Leave: BCG delivers a number of initiatives to help you as a parent balance work and family commitments.
  • Leadership Commitment: We are working with designated D&I teams under the leadership of a selected D&I Managing Director & Partner.
  • Expat Cohort: Expats and Swedes who do not have strong personal connections in Stockholm can get together and discover Sweden.
  • The Pride Network: We encourage all colleagues who identify themselves as an LGBTQ+ person to join the Pride Network within BCG.
    Pride@BCG offers career-development support, as well as mentorship and networking opportunities to help excel and connect with fellow LGBTQ+ professionals.
    Our affiliation events—such as happy hours and global and regional get-togethers—can help you to develop strong informal relationships and friendships with other members of the group.
    Pride@BCG also provides the possibility for all BCGers to join the network as an Ally.

Any questions?

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Experienced Professionals
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