Take the opportunity to discover what it’s like to work at BCG with our virtual experience program of open-access, free, interactive modules. ​​​

OneDay@BCG: Our Virtual Experience Program

Contemplating a career at BCG? Or wondering what a day in the life of a BCG-er looks like? Look no further. We invite you to participate in OneDay@BCG–a self-paced virtual experience program that gives you a true feel of what it is like to work at BCG through simulated, interactive challenges.

OneDay@BCG can help you understand the variety of
​​​​​​​work we do...

“After the virtual experience, I have developed skills such as data analyisis and market research, which are essential for my future career. Furthermore, I have a better understanding about the job of a consultant.”
Charris C.
“Coming from a non-traditional background, the virtual experience program really allowed me to gain a better understanding of the workflows you could expect in a career in consulting. Although the program was brief, it really allowed me to test my analytical abilities outside of university.”
Darren A.
“The program taught me about business approaches and the mindset you need to go into the world of business. I thoroughly enjoyed the tasks we were given, and I enjoyed comparing [my answers] to the ideal answers too. I’m now considering consulting as a career option.”
Niveen K.

And our talent and people teams recommend it too...

“The feedback from our BCG virtual experience program participants has been outstanding. They have shared how the program has helped further develop their confidence, practical skills and given them an intimate look into the day in the life of a BCGer.”
Fran Silberbauer Recruiting Solution Manager
Global Candidate Experience
“Enrolling in our Digital Transformation and Design program is the perfect opportunity to learn practical tasks similar to what our very own BCG consultants would work on and get a true feel of what it is like to work at BCG as a strategy consultant, technology consultant and a designer. The program will give you a deeper understanding of our digital and technology capabilities at BCG and helps set you up for success when you decide to apply.”
Geoff Woods
Senior Recruiting Manager
DigitalBCG and BCG Platinion
“Our BCG Digital Ventures virtual experience program will provide you with insight into the different roles that make up our venture teams. Our program will showcase our market leading approach to innovation that builds new businesses.”
Dan Smart Global Manager, Professional Development
​​​​​​​BCG Digital Ventures  

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Over 230,000 users have signed up and are benefiting from the programs already,
​​​​​​​with 9 out of 10 participants stating that OneDay@BCG made them more prepared and confident to apply to BCG. ​​​ All of our virtual experience modules are available free of charge, so why not sign up to one of our programs today?
Build your skills, learn what it takes to build a career in consulting, and gain insight into the challenges we solve at BCG.
Stand out on your BCG application and earn digital badges to share with your social network.
Receive real-world sample answers from our leaders, top-tier consultants, and designers.
Sustainability is one of the defining issues of our lifetime. At BCG, we have delivered over 900 social impact cases to more than 600 clients, to help accelerate our clients’ and our own net-zero journeys. We constantly partner with businesses and governments to help them transform commitments into action and build a more sustainable world. Help “Fast Cars” reach their Carbon Emissions Reduction targets in this module.
The future is bionic, and it is already here. There has never been a bigger need for companies to accelerate their digital journey and combine human and technological capabilities. Experience what it is like to be a DigitalBCG consultant who uncovers key insights and reimagines business models, enabling our clients to compete in a fast-paced environment and accelerate into the digital future.
Artificial Intelligence (AI) is causing a revolution in technology, business, and society. But AI alone is not enough to make progress. BCG GAMMA combines leading-edge technology with experts across AI, software and consulting to enable clients to unlock impact and face a wide variety of complex challenges.
Having launched 200 businesses since 2014, BCG Digital Ventures (BCG DV) is on a mission to invent, build, and scale industry-disrupting companies with the world’s most influential organizations. Go beyond the scope of traditional consulting and experience how BCG DV develops pioneering and visionary technology for our clients, capitalizing on transformative opportunities to disrupt their markets, and themselves.
At BCG, our consultants’ partner with leaders and businesses around the world to tackle their most complex and important challenges and gain competitive advantage. Step into the shoes of a consultant as they help our client, a telecommunications operator who has had declining profits for several years, drive profitability improvement.
BCG Platinion accelerates digital excellence through resilient products, platforms, and solutions. Explore the roles of our strategic and experiential designers who are advocates for user needs and experiences throughout the design process. Discover what it is like to create solutions and products that provide meaningful interactions alongside omnichannel experiences, including branding, design, usability, and functionality.

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