Virtual Experience Program

Tap Into Your Intellectual Curiosity

At BCG, we’re curious, imaginative, and intuitive. We invite you to peek behind the scenes through the Virtual Experience Program to get a true sense of what it’s like to work at BCG in a variety of roles. Our online Virtual Experience modules enable you to tap into our unique way of working—and if you decide to apply for an opportunity with us, they’ll help set you up for success.
Take on practical tasks and get a feel for what it’s like to work at BCG.
Gain insight into the meaningful challenges we are solving as a global team.
Earn badges and receive real-world sample answers from our leaders and our top-tier consultants and designers.
The program is flexible and timely—you choose the modules that interest you and complete the tasks online at your convenience—allowing you to build skills and gain insight into BCG at your own pace.
Learn About Our Virtual Experience Modules​​​​​​​
Take the opportunity to understand what it’s like to work at BCG. ​​​All of our Virtual Experience modules are available free of charge.
Digital Transformation
DigitalBCG is building the future of business today as every company in every industry is on a journey to become a digital organization. Experience the role of a DigitalBCG consultant, bringing together capabilities across our Digital businesses and partnering with leading companies to shift mindsets, shape agendas, and create value through digital transformation. The work we do to uncover key insights and reimagine business models enables our clients to compete in a fast-paced environment and accelerate into the digital future.
Strategy & Experience Design
We see design as a strategic lever to unlock business value for our clients and as the core of BCG Platinion’s design practice. Explore the roles of our strategic and experiential designers who are advocating for user needs and experiences throughout the design process. Learn how we’re crafting and leading efforts to explore new domains and make sense of research data. Discover what it’s like working with a talented team of people to create solutions and products that provide meaningful interactions alongside omnichannel experiences, including branding, design, usability, and functionality.
Strategy Consulting
Strategy consultants help our clients generate competitive advantage in many different industries and amid many different types of business challenges. Get a feel for the BCG experience as we help our client, a telecommunications operator who has had declining profits for several years, drive profitability improvement. The skills you’ll use and develop in this program will help you build the foundation for a consultant toolkit, applicable to many different types of cases.
Data Science and Advanced Analytics
BCG GAMMA is transforming the businesses of today through data science and advanced analytics initiatives—helping companies generate competitive advantage. Learn what it’s like to work at BCG GAMMA as we leverage data science to help clients face a wide variety of complex challenges. The skills you will use and develop in this module are part of the consultant and data scientist toolkits, applicable to many different types of cases.
Digital Ventures
BCG Digital Ventures is on a mission to invent, build, and scale industry-disrupting businesses with the world’s most influential companies. Go beyond the scope of traditional consulting and see how we operate on the shoreline between pioneering and visionary tech, capitalizing on transformative opportunities for our clients to disrupt the market and themselves. See how we employ a proven process of rapid iteration by leveraging untapped strategic assets to create new revenue streams and sources of competitive advantage.
Climate and Sustainability
We partner with businesses and governments to help them transform commitments into action and build a decarbonized, more sustainable world. Learn how our experts support clients by driving technological and economic transformations to realize sustainable competitive advantage. In this program, you’ll be working with our client “Fast Cars” to help them reach their Carbon Emissions Reduction targets.