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Contemplating a career at BCG? Or wondering what a day in the life of a BCG-er looks like? Look no further. We invite you to participate in OneDay@BCG–a self-paced virtual experience program that gives you a true feel of what it is like to work at BCG through simulated, interactive challenges.

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Sustainability is one of the defining issues of our lifetime. At BCG, we have delivered over 900 social impact cases to more than 600 clients, to help accelerate our clients’ and our own net-zero journeys. We constantly partner with businesses and governments to help them transform commitments into action and build a more sustainable world. Help “Fast Cars” reach their Carbon Emissions Reduction targets in this module.
Artificial Intelligence (AI) is causing a revolution in technology, business, and society. But AI alone is not enough to make progress. BCG GAMMA, part of BCG X, combines leading-edge technology with experts across AI, software and consulting to enable clients to unlock impact and face a wide variety of complex challenges. In this module, you will leverage data science to help clients face a variety of complex challenges. 
Design Module
BCG Platinion accelerates digital excellence through resilient products, platforms, and solutions. Explore the roles of our strategic and experiential designers who are advocates for user needs and experiences throughout the design process. Discover what it is like to create solutions and products that provide meaningful interactions alongside omnichannel experiences, including branding, design, usability, and functionality.
The future is bionic, and it is already here. There has never been a bigger need for companies to accelerate their digital journey and combine human and technological capabilities. Experience what it is like to be a DigitalBCG consultant who uncovers key insights and reimagines business models, enabling our clients to compete in a fast-paced environment and accelerate into the digital future.