BCG al Lago

The Ticino Case Experience
Ascona, Sept. 28 - Sept. 30 

What did you always want to know about strategy consulting?
What can you achieve at BCG with your talents? Get first-hand answers to your questions by joining our unique three-day event in the Mediterranean part of Switzerland.
An activating balance of workload and fun awaits you, and we promise you will learn a lot about BCG, our work, culture, and teaming! 

Sounds good? Read on to find out more about the agenda, the event team, and how to apply.

Sneak Peak: Event Agenda

Wednesday Sept. 28
Introduction breakfast
We will happily meet you at our Zurich office for an introduction breakfast.

We will start with our BCG skills workshop and introduce you to the organization and the business challenge you will be working on, together with your team. Afterwards, we will travel to Ticino by bus.

​​​​​​​​​​In the evening, it's time to enjoy la dolce vita with good food and drinks, and to get to know your co-students and BCGers.
Thursday Sept. 29
Case study & team building
This day will be centered around teaming: after working on the case, the time has come to challenge yourself and seek solutions through teamwork in a different way.

Hop on board for our teambuilding activity at the lake!

​​​​​​​After conquering the Lago Maggiore, the day will end in style with a local dinner.
Friday Sept. 30
Case presentation
The moment of truth: you and your team will present your case to the leadership of the organization that awaits your solution.

When all cases are presented, it's time to turn the tables, and we will answer all your pressing questions about consulting and careers at BCG.
Finally, we will conclude the workshop with a lunch at the lake, before embarking on our journey back to Zurich.​​​​​​​

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We are looking forward to coaching you at BCG al Lago:

Marius Grimm Project Leader
Agathe Keim
Agathe Keim Project Leader
Siddarth Kumar
Siddarth Kumar Consultant
Jeremy Merz
Jeremy Merz Principal
Zoé Hökfelt Consultant 
Ione Pla Consultant
Tobias Hofer Partner & Recruiting Director
Mattia Gallese
Mattia Gallese  Associate
Carina Richenberger
Carina Richenberger Principal
How to apply

Are you on board? 
We are looking for students from Swiss universities studying for their Bachelor's (fifth semester upward), Master's degree or PhD. To apply, please send us your CV, a cover letter, and university grades. 

Application deadline: Sunday, August 21.