Celebrate and Leverage
Your Unique Strengths

Fostering an Accessible BCG For All
AccessAbility@BCG gives our staff the opportunity to connect on such topics as physical disability, neurodiversity, chronic illness, and mental health. The network was developed by a passionate group of individuals to foster community among people with disabilities and chronic illnesses, as well as caregivers. AccessAbility@BCG provides resources and advocacy for people with disabilities while also promoting education and awareness and reducing stigma throughout the firm.

Building our Network

From peer mentorship to external partnerships, AccessAbility@BCG is breaking the stigma and building a more accessible workplace for everyone.

Meet BCGers

Our members range from Assistants to Senior Managing Directors and Partners across all focus areas: chronic illness, neurodiversity, physical disability, mental health challenges, and caregivers of people with disabilities. AccessAbility@BCG continues to grow and welcomes everyone.

"My favorite part about AccessAbility@BCG is the people and the supportive community we've grown. I truly enjoy connecting with colleagues all over to share our individual stories, foster lifelong relationships, and continuously brainstorm ways to support one another at BCG."

Michelle Alessandro
PSG Evaluation Analyst,
Boston, USA
"The AccessAbility@BCG 
​​​​​​​Network has helped me understand I’m not alone, and for the first time know that I am working for a company that appreciates our differences."

David Kelley
Senior Software Architect, Seattle, USA

"AccessAbility@BCG has provided me with the ability to build connections with people who have similar life experiences. The support that I get from this community truly makes me feel seen, heard and understood. It’s been a portion of my BCG experience that I treasure the most."

Stephanie Feliciano
Human Resources Lead,  Miami, USA


"My favorite part about the network is to mentor others, talk about accessibility challenges and provide my perspective to tackle these challenges."

Jay Bhinde
Platinion Associate Director, New York City, USA


"Having an invisible disability often makes it easy to hide it from others, and I did for years, but I know how isolating that can be, particularly with COVID. It can be challenging to talk about disabilities at work, so I wanted people to feel like there is someone they can confide in, and that was ultimately what drove my decision to become more active in the AccessAbility network, and why I think it is so important."

Jessica Sonnenberg
Career Development Manager, Toronto, Canada

"The network allows me to have a support group at work that understands what I’m going through and has made me feel less alone."

Amber Jackson 
Senior Administrative Assistant, Atlanta, USA

Joining the Valuable 500
As part of our ongoing commitment to unlocking the potential of every employee at BCG and across our clients, including those with disabilities, we’re proud to join the Valuable 500. We look forward to learning from best in class organizations and leaders, contributing to the dialog, and to advancing opportunity, equality, and inclusion for all.