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Thursday May 25, 2023
from 7 PM until 11 PM
What's it about?
How do we as women build on our strengths, connect our various roles, and grow with each other? Find out how at BCG we get ahead by moving others forward.

Join us and meet our main speaker Anna Pirhofer, Managing Director & Partner at BCG in Zurich. She has been working at BCG in the Technology, Media & Telecommunication practice area in 20+ European, Asian and North - and Latin American countries.

During her career she had to face several challenges on her journey, which she learned from, built on, and made her the woman she is today. Next to being a MDP at BCG, Anna loves kitesurfing, skiing, sailing and fine arts. How does she balance a consulting career with other responsibilities and priorities, such as personal well-being or family?

Join us and find out.
Who else?
Meet Mirjam Weber, Principal at BCG in Zurich, who will moderate the evening and tell you more about her inspiring story: From her travels across the red continent, to deciding on a career with BCG, and working in different places across the world. 

She will give you insights into the industries she works in and how she increasingly collaborates with companies to develop sustainability strategies. And of course, she will also share her experiences and her vision on how women can raise each other, and how companies can create a feeling of belonging for women throughout their journey. 

Mirjam is also 
co-leading the Women@BCG program in Switzerland, driving our agenda to support women in consulting.
Who's it for?
This evening is for all curious women* from all different backgrounds and disciplines who are interested in getting to know BCG and the work we do. It’s relaxed, it’s casual, it’s for you. Register now to secure your spot at Ladies Empower Night!

We invite all female students in their third semester or upwards (Bachelor, Master, and, PhD) to apply by the latest Thursday May 18th with their CV.

*Women & those who self-identify as women.
Application deadline
Please apply no later than Thursday May 18th, 2023 with your CV.
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Meet Anna & Ivana

Get to know our two new Managing & Directing Partners at BCG Zurich. We have asked them about their journey at BCG, and what keeps them going still.
In case of any questions, please reach out to our Talent Acquisition Senior Specialist Tania Fisler.