Uplifting Women at BCG

Our global Women@BCG network offers best-in-class programs in career development, mentorship, and networking to help women in consulting and beyond excel personally and professionally.

We are working to eliminate gender bias in the workplace...

Success never comes from sitting still or standing alone. One of our highest priorities is supporting women in the workplace, which we aim to do through career growth and representation and by celebrating the achievements of women at our firm.

We are encouraged by our progress and excited about what the future holds as we enhance opportunities, the BCG experience, and work-life balance, not just for women at BCG, but for all BCGers.

...and we're being recognized for our efforts.

Embracing Equity on International Women's Day
At BCG, our goal is not to just hire women, but to provide them with meaningful careers and growth opportunities once they get here. We go beyond to #EmbraceEquity every day by working to address where our business practices or societal standards fall shortand our very first Chief Diversity Officer, Nadjia Yousif, is comitted to those efforts. Hear from Nadjia herself in her recent blog and in the latest episode of BCG's flagship podcast, The So What, to learn more about her DE&I journey at BCG and how she plans to continue to drive change.

Meet BCGers: Women@BCG Stories

Flourishing as a Woman in Leadership
Managing Director and Senior Partner Jeanne Kwong Bickford discusses the ups and downs of her 20 year BCG journey and her leadership philosophy.
Balancing Work and Motherhood
Salley Mosleh, a Tax and Compliance Manager, shares how BCG's flexible working model gave her the support she needed to start her family while still moving up in her career.
Thriving in BCG's Culture of Inclusion
BCG Alum Brenna Fromayan shares her experience in our Growing Future Leaders program and how she found support from BCG's inclusive culture. 
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Our Women@BCG agenda—to increase the number, satisfaction, and achievements of women at the firm—is making strong gains.


 Diversity in technology is a race worth winning.

Research shows that women make up 36% of university graduates in the science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) disciplines and only 25% of the STEM workforce. This gap of gender bias in the workplace widens at the top of the corporate world, where just 9% of STEM executive leadership positions are held by women. At BCG, women in technology are world experts in their fields and global leaders. And we’re nowhere near finished with our progress. We’re working to close gender gaps, eliminate gender bias in the workplace, and increase opportunities in tech for Women@BCG.
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