Design Uncover innovative insights that create lasting impact for BCG and our clients.

Go beyond conventional careers in design.

Our design teams collaborate with clients and colleagues and bring deep, strategic user experience and visual expertise to product development. When you join our design team, you will become a part of a talented community of UI, UX, visual, motion, illustration, brand, and marketing designers–all working to shape BCG’s creative vision and excite our customers.

Why join BCG?

Be supported by comprehensive benefits

Our holistic benefits focus on physical and mental health, financial wellbeing, and work-life balance. We seek to provide benefits that ensure all BCGers  thrive, from competitive compensation to mental health resources and more.

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Receive a personalized career growth plan

Our career framework encourages growth through exploration across topics and locations. Curated career development plans that include learning sessions, project opportunities, and coaching, are available to all employees.

Read about one experience designer's career journey.
Access world class learning programs

Our aim is to best place for our people to grow and thrive. Through our personalized career-step programs, our vast repository of learning resource modules, and our apprenticeship culture, we facilitate continuous learning for employees.

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our approach to learning and development.
Take advantage of flexible working opportunities

How, where, and when people work is not a one-size-fits-all approach. From reduced working hours to hybrid work and more, we empower BCGers to define their work environment and patterns to suit personal, client, and business needs. 

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Meet BCG Design Studios

As BCG's in-house creative partner, Design Studios works with consultants and clients to offer creative guidance and deliver solutions that span across both digital and non-digital design.

Explore the videos below to meet some of the BCGers working at Design Studios in Costa Rica.

Meet Ingrid

Ingrid, a Senior Creative Manager, shares her favorite parts of being a BCGer and some interview tips and tricks for candidates.

Meet Teban

Teban, a Senior Designer, discusses his passion for AR/VR/XR technologies and how he has grown as a designer since joining BCG.

Meet Marce

Marce, a Digital Manager, shares how  she makes the most of her hybrid working model and what it's like to work on a global team of creatives. 

Meet Tebi

Tebi, a Video Specialist, gives insight into the variety of projects he works on with clients and colleagues and the skills that he has developed at BCG.
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BCG X's strategic and experience designers collaborate to re-think digital projects and re-invent customer experiences that generate value for our clients.
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