Medical Candidates:
MDs, Residents,
​​​​​​​Practicing Physicians

We greatly value the clinical expertise and biomedical thinking that medical students and MDs bring to the table. At BCG, MDs spend much of their time working as consultants in a diverse Healthcare Practice that includes project work with payers, providers, pharmaceutical manufacturers, and medical technology companies. They also often work outside of Healthcare, gaining broad exposure to business principles in complementary industries.

As a physician, your influence and impact on each patient in your care can bring tremendous satisfaction. But many medical candidates are attracted to BCG because they want to have a different kind of impact; they want to challenge themselves intellectually to understand and solve some of the most complex business issues, influencing and impacting a broader audience.

At BCG, we help our clients tackle some of their toughest problems. One commonality among all medical candidates who join BCG is their innate passion for problem solving and their desire to have an impact on the health care industry on a broader level. Regardless of the type of project you’re working on, you will apply your analytical and problem-solving skills to a wide range of client issues. Your career in consulting will give you exposure to the broader health care system, beyond the specific patient care you were trained to practice.

At BCG, we attract medical candidates from various stages in their medical training—from those who join us right out of medical school to physicians who have been practicing for years. Many of the same attributes and skills that have allowed you to succeed in medicine are essential in consulting. Like physicians, consultants must be good with people, intellectually curious, creative, and analytically skilled. As a medical candidate, you bring not only relevant skills but also a unique perspective that allows you to approach problems in a way that provides tremendous value to our clients. From day one, we support you and provide the training you need to succeed as a consultant. You’re probably asking yourself many questions right now – is consulting and BCG the right fit for your next career move? Let us help you through this journey. Please do not hesitate to reach out to our dedicated MD recruiters at
Recruiting Process
Join us at our upcoming virtual events for medical students, more information can be found here.  We invite you to explore job opportunities for medical candidates below. Note, after applying, a dedicated MD recruiter will personally review your application and email you directly regarding the status of your application.

Interested in speaking with a consultant physician at BCG? Create a profile in our system by clicking here and someone will be in touch via email to schedule a phone call.
You’re probably asking yourself many questions right now – is consulting and BCG the right fit for your next career move? Let us help you tackle the basics. Please do not hesitate to reach out to our MD recruiters at
MD Scholar Program
The MD Scholar program is open to current third year or rising fourth year medical students, currently residing in the United States. Please note, if you are not interested or accepted in the MD scholar program, we encourage you to apply to our Bridge to BCG Program.  We accept BCG MD Scholar applications on a rolling basis, year-round. Most MD Scholars will begin in February or March (following major clinical year and board exams), so we recommend that you apply by the end of the year. There is some flexibility in timing and exceptions on start-dates and can be discussed on a one-off basis.

Candidates who complete the MD Scholar program successfully for at least one year will be granted one year of medical school tuition. Candidates who complete two years of the MD scholar program will receive one year of medical school tuition and six months tenure credit. Both of these tuition grants are contingent on the candidate returning to BCG after two years of completing the program.

To apply for the MD Scholar program, please complete a full-time application and specify your interest in the MD scholar program and outline your availability in the cover letter of your application. You will be asked to complete our pymetrics games as part of the application process. An email prompt will be sent to after you submit your application, you will have 48 hours to complete the games. Learn more pymetrics FAQ.

FAQs about MD Scholar