Social Impact & Sustainability

Transform Business & Society Through a Meaningful Career Path​​​​​​​

Jobs That Make a Positive Impact
​​​​​​​in Business & Beyond
BCG seeks to be the most positively impactful company in the world by driving sustainability transformations, building our team and capabilities, and growing a scalable social business. Our theory of change holds that we can make progress by following three main avenues: appropriately regulated, profitable private sector solutions; solutions that are not profitable but need to be funded and supported by stakeholders; and the development and implementation of new and innovative solutions. BCG drives and enables solutions in each of these categories through our client work in the private sector, our global network of social impact partners, high-level cross-sector relationships, data and analytics tools, deep expertise in driving large-scale change, and an understanding of the ecosystems surrounding the Sustainable Development Goals.
Social Impact at BCG in 2020
BCG Joins Breakthrough Energy Catalyst  We’re excited to announce we’re joining the Breakthrough Energy Catalyst program as one of its first anchor partners. BE Catalyst is a new approach to investing in the climate-smart technologies we’ll need to reach net-zero emissions by 2050.
There is a Career with Impact for Every Role
Every BCGer can have a career with impact—whether as a part of the Social Impact and Sustainability team or by applying a societal impact lens to all of our work across practice areas, geographies, and business units. Together, we leverage the power of BCG to change the world.

Drive Positive Societal Impact
Through Consulting

There are many different ways to embed social impact in your consulting career at BCG. 
Building Your Social Impact Expertise

To build your skills and expertise on social impact, you have access to a variety of options: SI People Programs, SI fellowships, and the BCG Center for Climate & Sustainability.


Social Impact Immersion Program: 

  • This program is a fantastic opportunity to focus your case work for one year on social impact and sustainability topics. As a participant you’ll contribute to the global and local Social Impact agenda, support clients on their journey towards sustainability, and contribute to our practice area build, advancing our ambition to be the most positively impactful company in the world.

Global Social Impact Secondment Program: 
  • This program provides BCGers the opportunity to deep-dive into the social sector by embedding in one of our Global Social Impact Partners or Social Ventures, for a period of 12 months. We have opportunities with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF), WWF, Save the Children (SCI), Teach For All (TFALL), Yunus Social Business (YSB) and OpenSC.  
“At BCG, we aspire to be the most positively impactful company in the world. I’m spending a year in our Social Impact Immersion Program, where I am able to make a real difference working on climate. It has been incredibly rewarding to develop perspectives through work with our global Social Impact partners, such as WWF, and be at the forefront of driving companies and governments to reach Net Zero.”

Sam Sherburn
Consultant, London
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