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Explore our climate change jobs and join our growing and diverse team of
hard-working climate experts, data scientists, engineers, and consultants.

BCG is working to make a more sustainable world.

Climate and sustainability are at the core of BCG’s identity. We believe that we must not only protect the planet, but also ensure today’s business processes create a better future for generations to come. Having carried out over 2,000 climate and sustainability impact cases since 2020, our team brings deep expertise to their climate jobs and shape their careers to make a positive difference for clients and society. We are already advising leading economies, major global organizations, and unicorns on climate action, and our focus on climate will only increase in the years to come. 

We are deeply committed to building a net-zero future with our clients, families, and society.

In fact, climate is one of BCG's top strategic priorities as identified by our CEO, Christoph Schweizer. Learn more about our commitments in our 2022 Sustainability Report.

We offer a number of careers to impact climate change.

Join BCG and collaborate with leading organizations and governments on their climate change and sustainability strategies. 

In 2022, as the exclusive strategic partner for COP27 in Egypt, we advised the international stage on climate topics. Our influential climate ecosystem also includes a global partnership with the World Economic Forum and the Science Based Target Initiative. These global partnerships provide BCGers with unique and unparalleled opportunities for careers that embrace the challenge of reducing climate change.

Our work spans a range of industries on the full breadth of climate related topics, including, Net-Zero targets, climate strategy, climate finance, sustainable supply chain and procurement, the energy transition, and many more. We are constantly looking for hard-working, motivated climate champions to grow our team of over 2,100 climate and sustainability experts. 

Prepare for your climate career at BCG.

Experience a day in the life of a climate consultant.
OneDay@BCG, our virtual experience program, offers free online modules that will give you a true feel of what it's like to work on a climate consulting case at BCG. 
Practice for your climate case interview. 
Try our interactive case challenge to learn how to approach a climate consulting case and incorporate the tips presented into your interview approach.

Enhance your climate change career with us.

Our deep, trusted relationships with the world’s leading organizations at BCG mean you’ll have a platform with the world’s most influential decision-makers. Here, you’ll build a toolkit that combines your technical expertise in climate and sustainability, with the core consulting skills of strategy, implementation, operations, AI, and innovation.

You’ll engage with clients to translate strategic climate and sustainability agendas into action. Using analytics and modeling skills, strategy and business model development, and transformation capabilities, you will help accelerate the transition to a net-zero economy, advise creating a circular economy, and sustainably transform land, water, and food systems.
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