Bridge to BCG
​​​​​​​Consulting Workshop

Advanced Degree Program

Bridge to BCG Consulting Workshop

Bridge to BCG is an immersive workshop designed to help advanced degree students test-drive the BCG case team experience.

The 2023 Bridge to BCG application deadline has passed.

As a Bridge to BCG participant you will:

  • Think strategically while solving a case in a realistic BCG case team simulation
  • Team with Bridge participants and BCG consultants to understand the why and how behind case work
  • Network and connect with BCG consulting staff and your fellow Bridge participants
  • Get to know our culture and learn about life as a consultant
  • You will be granted a first round interview with BCG


Bridge to BCG is open to candidates associated with advanced degree programs, looking to start full time with BCG in 2024, attending or associated with a US or Canadian school or hospital.

Eligible degree programs and pathways include:
  1. PhDs and postdocs
  2. JDs
  3. MDs, MD/MBAs, MD residents/fellows
  4. Practicing physicians (less than 5 years of experience)
  5. Professors (less than 5 years of experience)
  6. Current non-MBA masters with a JD, MD, or PhD

Application Process

Our Bridge to BCG 2023 application has three components: 
  • Online application (5-10 minutes)
  • One-way video interview (45 minutes): An email invitation to the video interview will be sent on a rolling basis throughout February. Video interviews are due on Sunday, March 5. 
  • Pymetrics game (30 minutes): If you apply to a US BCG office, you will receive an email inviting you to play the pymetrics games after you submit your application. We ask that you play the games within 48 hours of receiving the prompt to play (sent via email within 1-2 hours after application submission). 

If you do not complete all required components, your application will be considered incomplete.