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Welcome to BCG at INSEAD, where you will find information about INSEAD MBA campus events, recruiting contacts, and our application procedure. 

On behalf of the Recruiting Team for INSEAD MBAs, we are thrilled by your interest in management consulting, and specifically with BCG. We believe you will find that BCG has a great deal to offer you as a career choice and life experience. 

Furthermore, if you are interested in BCG but not ready to apply for a job, please create a profile here and tell us about yourself. If you have previously registered, you may sign in at any time to update any profile information.

Jean-Francois Lahet, Lead Officer INSEAD Recruiting, Managing Director and Senior Partner

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INSEAD MBA students have a strong track record at BCG. 248 INSEAD MBAs have joined the company in the last 5 years, working in offices from more than 50 major markets. BCG has found that INSEAD MBAs consistently demonstrate the analytical mindset needed to thrive in consulting.

Upcoming Events

BCG run dedicated INSEAD events on-campus and online throughout the school year.
​​​​​​​List of upcoming events below:
  • Coffee Chats (24D) : TBD
  • Day In A Life Of A Consultant : TBD
  • FTB Presentation (24D) : TBD
  • SIN Cocktail and Networking (24D) : TBD 
More events coming soon...

Application Timeline

Find out important applications dates below:







Coffee Chat (24D) : TBD
Presentation (24D) : TBD
Networking (24D) : TBD
Application Deadline

First Round Interviews:
Some offices may interview outside of these dates

​​​​​​​Applying to BCG

Discover our opportunites for MBAs. Whether a Summer Internship or a
Full Time application, experience with BCG will transform your career.

Full-Time Consulting Position

Class of December 2024

Application Deadline: TBD

Please note that all INSEAD applications are processed centrally in close cooperation with our local offices.

Kindly use your INSEAD email address to apply and have ready the following:

  • a motivation letter
  • a resume
  • your top 3 office preferences (please weigh your level of interest in % for each office preference)

*In the education selection box, please indicate you are a current MBA student at INSEAD, with MBA as your highest level of education

Language Requirements

Key to a successful application is choosing an office in which you can communicate business ideas fluently.
​​​​​​​Find below the language requirements for BCG offices around the world:

Who to Contact

We offer dedicated support to INSEAD MBAs. Contact our team below, or reach out to our Ambassadors On Campus to find out how BCG can transform your career.

BCG INSEAD Relationship Team

Isabelle Cota
Isabelle Cota
International Senior Campus Manager, INSEAD School Captain
BCG Paris
Jasmine Chen
Jasmine Chen
International Campus Recruiting Senior Coordinator
BCG Singapore
Melike Mavral
Melike Mavral
International Campus Recruiting Coordinator
BCG Paris
Hazel Kwa
Belinda Saunders 
Project Leader
INSEAD France Campus Manager 
BCG Paris
Jean-François Lahet
Jean-François Lahet
Lead Officer INSEAD Recruiting -
Managing Director & Senior Partner
BCG Paris

Class of July'07
Marc Schmidt
Marc Schmidt
Lead Officer INSEAD Recruiting -
Managing Director & Partner
BCG Singapore

Class of December'05
Archit Choudhary
Archit Choudhary
Asia Campus Manager,
Managing Director & Partner
BCG Singapore

Class of July'13

BCG Ambassadors On Campus

Mohammad Aburub​
Anne Bogner   ​
BCG Munich 
Class of December 2024
Mohammad Aburub​
Milan Ebner   ​
Platinion Snr IT Consultant
BCG Zurich 
Class of December 2024
Mohammad Aburub​
Alice Eckel    ​
BCG Vienna 
Class of December 2024
Mohammad Aburub​
Guillermo Felip de Balanzo    ​
BCG Barcelona 
Class of December 2024
Mohammad Aburub​
Aleksandra Grzejda
BCG Warsaw 
Class of December 2024
Mohammad Aburub​
Pablo Galardi Garcia
BCG Madrid  
Class of December 2024
Mohammad Aburub​
Tareq Habash
Senior Associate
BCG Dubai  
Class of December 2024
Mohammad Aburub​
Connor Kennel 
Global Revenue Management Manager 
BCG Brussels  
Class of December 2024
Mohammad Aburub​
Natalie Tleel 
Senior Associate 
BCG Dubai  
Class of December 2024
Mohammad Aburub​
Vrajaraj Ramakrishnan 
Senior Engineer  
BCG X Singapore  
Class of December 2024
Mohammad Aburub​
Fariza Shiyap 
BCG Doha  
Class of December 2024
Mohammad Aburub​
Alberto Sinibaldi  
Platinion IT Consultant  
BCG Milan  
Class of December 2024
Mohammad Aburub​
Asante Thabete 
BCG Johannesburg  
Class of December 2024

BCG Recruiters

Olivia Diec
Talent Acquisition Manager BCG Canada
Ana Vacas
Talent Acquisition Manager BCG Mexico
Bru​​​​​​​na Duarte
Recruiting Senior Analyst BCG Brazil
Lorena Gonzalez
Recruiting Senior Coordinator BCG Panama
Michelle McGowan
Recruiting Coordinator BCG Santiago
Alessandra Russe
Recruiting Specialist BCG Belgium
Agnese Ducceschi
Recruiting Specialist BCG France
Johanna Koegler
Talent Acquisition Specialist BCG Germany & Austria
Lina Georgopoulou
Recruiting Senior Specialist BCG Greece
Judit Zombori
Talent Acquisition Manager BCG Hungary
Noam Gidal
Recruiting Specialist BCG Israel
Carla Caserta
Recruiting Senior Specialist  BCG Italy
Flore Van der Vossen
Senior Recruiter BCG Netherlands
Mina Rundquist
Recruiting Specialist BCG Nordics
Sonia Krenczyk
Talent Acquisition Coordinator BCG Poland
Carla Santos
Recruiting Coordinator BCG Portugal
Aleksandra Mashalova
Recruiting Coordinator BCG Spain
Alexander Knospe
Talent Acquisition Specialist BCG Switzerland
Ceren Kul
Talent Management Coordinator BCG Turkey
Kirti Sewgobind
Recruiting Specialist BCG United Arab Emirates
Jasmine Broadfield
MBA Recruitment Manager BCG United Kingdom
Amine Bentiress
Recruiting and Mobility Coordinator  BCG Morroco
Olusegun Osoneye
Recruiting Coordinator BCG Nigeria
Zinhle Mabona
Recruiting Coordinator BCG South Africa
Thamasi Perera
Talent Acquisition Senior Specialist BCG Australia & New Zealand
Tavat Majidova
Recruiting Specialist BCG Baku & Tashkent 
Caroline Yang
Recruiting Assistant BCG Greater China
Mrinali Pathak
Human Resources Manager BCG India
Anindyta Indhriawati
Senior Recruiter BCG Indonesia
Azusa Misu
Recruiting Assistant BCG Japan
Lee Jihyun
Recruiting Coordinator BCG Korea
Racheal Scully
Recruiter BCG Malaysia
Ivana Hermoso
Recruiting Manager BCG Philippines
Sam Tan
Recruiter BCG Singapore
Benjaporn To-on
Recruiter BCG Thailand
Linh Le
Recruiting Lead BCG Vietnam