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A Message From Our Team

Hello and a warm welcome to BCG at Concordia University, where you will find information about our recruiting team and our application procedures.

On behalf of the Recruiting Team for Concordia University, we are thrilled at your interest in strategy consulting, and specifically in BCG! We think you will find that BCG has a great deal to offer you as a career choice and a life experience.

If you are interested but not yet ready to apply for a job, please create a profile here and tell us about yourself. If you have previously registered, you may sign in at any time to update your profile information.
Reema Castelino, Talent Acquisition Director

Recruiting Team

Philippe is a Principal and Recruiting Director in the Montreal office. He joined BCG in 2018 after his PhD in Biochemistry from Université de Montréal and has been working with a diverse array of industrial & consumer goods clients including mining and pulp & paper. He focuses in transformations, culture, organizations and operations in manufacturing industries. Prior to joining BCG he was a finalist at the World University Debate Championship 2018 in Mexico. Outside of work, Philippe loves hiking, wakeboarding, skiing and playing chess. He is fluent in English and French.
Philippe Lemay
Recruiting Director
Olivia is the Talent Acquisition Manager at BCG and her focus is on Montreal recruitment. Prior to joining BCG, she worked in multiple roles with HR. Over the past few years, her main focus has been in recruitment (campus and experienced hires). Outside of work, Olivia loves discovering new hobbies and spends most of her time with her dog.
Olivia Diec
Talent Acquisition Manager
Jesse Carmichael is a Project Leader in the BCG Montreal office. She has a Bachelor of Commerce with distinction in Marketing from Concordia University. She joined BCG after undergrad, and worked on a variety of projects for industrial goods, retail, and private equity clients across topics including market strategy, people organization, operations planning and many others. She took a two year leave in 2019 to complete her MBA at the Harvard Business School in 2021, sponsored by BCG and has recently returned to the firm. In her free time, Jesse enjoys spending time outdoors.
Jesse Carmichael
Project Leader Concordia School Captain

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Interested in starting a career in consulting? BCG Launch is a virtual program that provides current undergraduates and non-MBA master's students an inside look into the skills and knowledge needed to become a BCG Associate.

2024 Summer Associate (Class of 2025) Opportunities

​​​​​​​We seek people with drive, energy, first-rate minds, and ability to lead and persuade.  In selecting people to join the firm, we carry out an intensive interviewing process. Candidates should demonstrate success in their academic and extracurricular activities, whether that be through volunteer work, professional experiences, or through personal initiatives. Compensation for associates entering the firm is extremely competitive and grows rapidly with strong performance.


We are interested in meeting Undergraduate and Master’s students scheduled to graduate in 2025 and Master’s students graduating between October and December 2024.  Candidates should demonstrate success in their academic and extra-curricular activities, whether that be through volunteer work, professional internships, or through personal initiatives.  We seek people with drive, creativity, intelligence, and an ability to lead.

Language of work for positions permanently located in Quebec

Knowledge of French is required for positions permanently located in Quebec so incumbents can communicate with their colleagues and suppliers in Quebec as necessary. French-language training is offered to all incumbents in permanent positions in Quebec who do not have a good knowledge of French. Fluent English is required for this position in order to communicate with clients, partners and colleagues, who are predominantly located outside Quebec.

Application Deadline 

The deadline for Summer Associate applications is Sunday September 10th, 2023 at 11:59pm EST.

How to Apply 

Candidates interested in applying must submit an application including a cover letter, résumé, most recent unofficial transcript.

Please click here to complete your online application.  

Campus Events

Campus Events 
There are no scheduled events at this time, please check back for further updates.
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