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“Working at BCG gives you the opportunity to improve your knowledge by working on a variety of projects and learning from very talented & experienced people, while also creating tangible and valuable impact on each mission. I am very satisfied with my experience at BCG and excited to keep growing in this wonderful environment!”​​​​​​​

Mohamed Benmansour, Associate
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“Since day one, I was utterly amazed by the diversity and the harmony within the team. The Casablanca office hosts people from different nationalities, backgrounds, stories and outstanding skill sets. As a consultant, I love to take challenges and work in projects with meaningful impact in our real world. The moment I was introduced to BCG's great values and DNA, I was sure that I'd be proud of my work in the team. I am looking forward to start this valuable journey inside BCG Platinion!”

Sara Mesrar, Senior IT Consultant
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“For me BCG Platinion provides the perfect environment to combine my technical expertise with strategic consulting. I look forward to helping out clients to grow their business and solve their critical challenges.”

Majid Lamghari, Platinion Senior Software Engineer
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"I’ve joined BCG Casablanca in September 2019 as a recruiting specialist – But I already feel like I’ve been here for much more years!
Today, I’m the recruiting coordinator and I’m in charge of the candidates recruiting process, whether generalist or digital profiles. Beyond scheduling interviews, I support candidates throughout the recruitment process by sharing with them preparation materials, offering them mentoring and regular feedbacks.
My previous experience as a headhunter helped me get involved in sourcing senior profiles, whether for BCG Core, for Platinion and occasionally for other offices.
I’m happy to contribute to the growth of Casablanca Office and looking forward to new experiences within BCG family!"

Aida Tazi, Recruiting Coordinator​​

Life in Morocco

Living and working in Casablanca, at the top of Africa, allows one to benefit from the strong connection with Europe all while immersing oneself in the depth of the Moroccan and African cultures.

Casablanca is a vibrant city that perfectly portrays the equilibrium between modernity and tradition. This energetic city offers international level restaurants and bars, as well as cinemas, theatres, art galleries, and an authentic cultural scene.

Between the stunning architectural heritage of the art deco historical city center, the quick access to the majestic Atlantic beach coast, and the green parks, the city offers diverse and enjoyable lifestyles to please all.

Thanks to its central location within the country, it is very easy to access all the other cities of Morocco in a short travel time. Our BCGers regularly get away together on weekend trips, to surf in Imsouane, trek in the Atlas Mountains, camp in the desert of Zagora, enjoy the snow in Ifrane, kite surf in Dakhla, party in Marrakech, visit the centenary medina of Fès, or simply lazy around on the northern beaches of the Mediterranean.
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