Experienced Professionals

Bring your years of experience to BCG in new and meaningful ways.
Put Your Experience to Work
BCG offers professionals a chance to apply years of practice to new challenges. Here, your career is yours to manage whether you deepen your expertise or apply your experience to a completely different industry. Your career here is sustainable, supported, and ambitious.

Across the business, experienced BCGers join the Group mid-career for many reasons whether seeking more impact in their work, or looking for more challenge. Whatever you choose to do, we combine individualized mentorship with in-depth and innovative training and development programs. The result? An accelerated career at BCG and beyond.
Bringing Your Experience to BCG
Our clients set audacious goals and complex challenges can get in the way. BCG teams thrive on deep expertise. When we seek experienced hires, we’re looking for demonstrated success, depth of knowledge, practical experience, and an ambition to do more. 

Experienced hires bring value to BCG in many ways.

Generalist and Specialist Consulting Teams
Our consulting teams work closely with clients to understand their needs and develop strategies and solutions to meet their challenges and transform their businesses. Based on your experience, you can join our consulting track across numerous levels including associate, consultant, project leader, principal, partner, and managing director and partner.
Expert Consulting and Business Functional Teams
Subject matter experts bring focused technical and topical expertise that is valued in consulting as well as business, technical, and functional roles at a variety of levels. Depending on your background and industry knowledge, there are opportunities for you to share your experience and shape the way we approach solutions internally and with our clients.
When you join BCG, we expect you to hit the ground running from day one. And you’ll be ready. You’ll seek out and activate opportunities to expand your career. You’ll proactively build your network and take advantage of learning and development programs. You’ll grow personally and professionally every single day.
Inside Insight from BCGers
Your differences will make a difference. At BCG, our experienced hires come from backgrounds as diverse as the clients we serve. Learn more about their experiences, their roles, why they chose BCG, and what makes them unique.​​​​​​​