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G’day, we are BCG in Australia and New Zealand - where leadership meets inclusivity and sustainability. We are a group of leaders driven by curiosity, excellence, and impact dedicated to building a diverse, equitable, and inclusive culture that empowers our people to be themselves and contribute to their fullest potential. 

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Unleash your potential and ignite your career with us. Join a dynamic community where you'll collaborate with influential organizations and visionary leaders, shaping the future of Australia, New Zealand, and beyond.
Discover unparalleled opportunities for growth and development as you work alongside top talent from diverse backgrounds.

Hear it from BCGers

Audrey Gan
Social Impact AP Regional Manager
I am part of Women@BCG and the Kulcha and Ethnicity (K&E) Pillar in BCG ANZ. Recently, I was selected as a panelist at a True Colours session organized by BCG to discuss all facets of intersectionality and DEI. The feedback from the audience was extremely positive, and the session allowed me to share my lived experiences, practical advice, and the various ways BCG has helped me thrive in my career. I am extremely proud of BCG’s senior leadership’s unwavering commitment to building and maintaining the strong, inclusive organization that it is today.
Heidi He
Data Scientist - BCG X
There is no need to be able to do everything before joining BCG because BCG and BCGers will equip you with the skills and knowledge to solve the most challenging problems through exceptional learning and development opportunities. Like most other BCGers, we started our journey at BCG with a two-week consulting foundation program where we learned essential problem-solving skills, effective communication of solutions to our clients, and, more importantly, got to know the people we would be working with and learned some survival tips.
Sean Whittaker
Project Leader
Through BCG’s Cross Office Staffing function, I was fortunate enough to get the opportunity to work on a banking case in Manila, Philippines. This provided me an opportunity to work in an emerging market, helping me broaden my perspective and build my core consulting toolkit, all while navigating a complex, dynamic, and evolving financial landscape.

The experience was incredible, and the exceptional support from both the Sydney and host offices I received during the case reinforced my appreciation for BCG's commitment to creating a diverse, interconnected workforce. It was clear BCG really values not only their people but also the value of fostering diversity and different ways of thinking.

Career paths that suit your interests

Consulting Careers
Enables you to work on diverse and challenging projects across industries and sectors, solving some of the biggest challanges for our Clients.

You are an: Associate, Consultant, Project Lead, Principal, Partner and more...
Tech and Digital Careers
Enables you to leverage cutting-edge technologies and digital solutions to transform businesses and create value for our Clients.

You are an: Architect, Data Scientist, Designer, Engineer, and more...
Climate and Sustainability Careers
Empowers you to address the most urgent environmental and social issues facing the world today, and help our Clients achieve their sustainability goals and impact.

You are an: Expert working in ESG, Carbon Finance, Net-zeo, Renewables, and more

Knowledge and Business Careers
Allows you to develop deep expertise in a specific industry or function, and provide insights and analysis to support our project teams and Clients.

You are an: Expert in Analytics, Admin, Finance, Marketing, Admin, Procurement, Operations, and more...
Graduate Recruitment in Australia & New Zealand

At BCG, we hire students and recent graduates who are looking to bring their dedication and motivation to every challenge, big or small. We value accomplishment, curiosity, unique backgrounds and perspectives, and a willingness to go beyond the conventional.

Beyond office

Balancing flexibility and support for a fulfilling career at BCG Australia and New Zealand!

Flex time

Work-Life Balance

We prioritize work-life balance by offering flexible work arrangements, allowing our team members to find harmony between their professional and personal lives.

We provide flex time to recharge between cases and offer team coach support. Respecting each individual's boundaries and preferences, including working hours and communication modes, is important to us.

Pursuing Passions and Hobbies

We encourage everyone to pursue their passions and hobbies outside of work. Sharing our interests, talents, and achievements with each other creates a vibrant and supportive community.

​​​​​​​Additionally, we organize and participate in various clubs and groups tailored to different hobbies such as music, books, and sports.
Flex paths

Team Bonding and Celebrations

We understand the importance of having fun as a team. To celebrate our culture, values, and accomplishments, we organize and attend a variety of events and activities.

From office parties to team outings and festive celebrations, we create opportunities for our team to come together, build connections, and enjoy each other's company.

Our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion in BCG Australia and New Zealand

Diversity of thought, background, and experience is a core part of our BCG values and key to delivering value to our clients. We are committed to fostering an inclusive environment where everyone feels valued, connected, empowered to be themselves, and contribute to their fullest potential. 
Our efforts toward diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) are recognised locally and globally. BCG ANZ has held the WGEA Employer of Choice for Gender Equity citation since 2019 and we were awarded the Australian Workplace Equity Index Gold Employer award and best 'Small Employer' award in 2022 for LGBTQIA+ inclusion. You can read more about our local and global efforts and explore our latest thinking on DE&I here.
We encourage applications from people of all backgrounds, including people of Aboriginal, Torres Strait Island, Māori, or Pacific Island origin, individuals with disability, those from culturally or linguistically diverse backgrounds, LGBTQIA+ individuals, and transgender and gender diverse individuals. 
We want to ensure everyone experiences a positive, barrier-free recruiting process. Please reach out to the Talent Acquisition team at at any stage if you require additional support or adjustments to assist you through the recruiting process; this includes support in submitting the application, providing identity documents, and attending a job interview. This also includes specific support for transgender and gender-diverse individuals. 

Discover our Affinity Networks

Bradley Pitter
Women@BCG is a global network that offers career development and affiliation programming to help women at our firm grow personally and professionally.  In ANZ, our local network organizes events for women and our broader community regularly such as our  “My favorite Mistake” sessions where attendees hear from senior leaders about mistakes they’ve made throughout their career and how they persevered despite the setbacks.
Yael Steinman
Pride@BCG is a global network which strives to make BCG an inclusive and fulfilling workplace for those who identify as members of the LGBTQIA+ Community.  The Local ANZ network frequently hosts events such as “Wear it Purple Day” and upskilling sessions such as “Effective Allyship”.
Stefani Germanotta
Able @ BCG is a local employee network focused on disability access and inclusion in our teams, workspaces, and broader community.  In ANZ the Able@BCG network has developed an inclusive communications playbook and frequently hosts educational awareness session.
Bradley Pitter
First Nations@BCG drives BCG ANZ’s commitment to supporting indigenous Australia and Reconciliation.  The First Nations@BCG pillar focuses on implementing our Reconciliation Action Plan, including recruiting, and retaining Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander talent.  To increase our procurements, pend with indigenous-led nations, the pillar drives NAIDOC Week and Reconciliation Week events hosted across our offices through an ongoing partnership with Supply Nation. 
Bradley Pitter
Kulcha & Ethnicity (K&E) is a local network which ensures that those who identify as culturally, or ethnically diverse feel included and supported here at BCG.  The K&E Network hosts a bi-annual event called “True Colour – Authentic Conversations” that focuses on bring voices from different backgrounds and various parts of the business together in a fire-side chat discussion format.  It is a highly anticipated a critical hallmark of our ANZ office calendar. 
Bradley Pitter
Socio-Economic Diversity network aims to improve awareness and inclusion of diverse socio-economic backgrounds at BCG.  This network works with our recruiting team to ensure recruitment efforts are aligned with the mission and also works on projects to raise internal awareness about the impact of socio-economic background on work experiences.   

Experience BCG today

There are a number of ways for you to experience BCG today.

Strategy Academy Masterclass

Strategy Academy Masterclass

Our masterclass is your opportunity to learn directly from BCG consultants about how they approach their project work to deliver the results we're known for. Through interactive workshops and a real-world case study, you will gain insight into life as a consultant at BCG, learn how to approach and solve complex business challenges and develop core skills that will aid you in your studies and future career.
BCG ANZ Scholarship and Early Intake Program At BCG, we have a proud history of offering annual scholarships since 2004 to university students in Australia and New Zealand to support outstanding future leaders with their studies and beyond.  
Alongside our Scholarship Program, we consider outstanding university students in their second-last year of study (or earlier) for a full-time graduate position at BCG.

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Important Alert
BCG has learned of the association of our name with employment scams involving offers of BCG employment through the use of impostor websites and other fraudulent means. None of these offers are legitimate and are, in no way affiliated with BCG. Our legitimate recruiting process is described on this site. If you apply through the proper BCG channels, you will not be asked for any credit card details or be required to make any payment.