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Experienced Professionals

Bring your years of experience to BCG and shape your career in
​​​​​​​new and meaningful ways.

Use Your Experience to Make an Impact at BCG

Boston Consulting Group (BCG) offers experienced professionals a chance to apply years of practice to new challenges. Here, your career is yours to manage whether you deepen your expertise, stretch and learn with dedicated growth opportunities, or apply your experience to a completely different industry. Your career here is sustainable, supported, and ambitious.

BCG works closely with global companies, organizations, and governments to face their challenges head on and bring their greatest opportunities to life. Experienced professionals bring value to BCG in many ways, with diverse skills and talents. We especially look for demonstrated success, depth of knowledge, practical experience, and
an ambition to do more.

What makes careers for experienced professionals
​​​​​​​at BCG different?

BCG is more than a step in your career path. Experienced hires join BCG midcareer for many reasons–whether seeking more impact in their work, or looking for a greater challenge. No matter which part of the firm you join, you'll find individualized mentorship, training and growth programs, and the thrill of working on audacious, ambitious goals. The projects BCGers take on each day are both complex and rewarding, providing a chance to deliver meaningful value.
Learn more about Afo’s experience in AI, data science and technology, and how he’s bringing insights to light for clients.
See how Sophia’s changing the sustainability conversation through data, innovation, and creativity.
As a leader, Uche ensures inclusion is a top priority and recognizes the value of mentorship in professional development.

What will you do as a BCG experienced hire?

Spotting trends. Advising senior leaders. Cutting fresh tracks. Moving quickly and creatively. Finding storylines in data sets. Making the world better. ​​​BCG’s experienced hires do all this and more. Here are just a few examples of the value our experienced professionals deliver.

Why you’ll love working here as an experienced hire.

“Through my work, enabling multiple people across the world to change location, increase their skills, and experience new cultures, I feel like my team and I are working toward BCG’s purpose of unlocking the potential of those who advance the world. And only good can come from that.”
Elaine Grice Employee Engagement Senior Manager, Dubai
“One of our clients had a goal of achieving 30% savings in a specific area of their business. So, my team and I began by providing suggestions for how to meet this goal and working to implement them. We even set up a ‘think tank’ within the client’s organization so they could continue to make progress toward this savings goal even after their engagement with BCG had concluded.”
Malavika Raju Senior Knowledge Analyst, Chicago
“The opportunities for growth and development here are amazing. In every case I learned something and feel like I have really helped our clients. You also get to work with incredible people. The team here is so smart and hardworking. Our people can pick things up quickly and then get to work together to solve our client’s problems.”
Yong Zhao Associate Director, AI Engineering, BCG X, Boston
“As designers, we use our creative abilities and visual talents to help further clarify messages consultants are conveying to their clients, who, in turn, are changing the world. We’re there to support consultants and internal service teams by understanding the problem at hand and helping to solve that problem by transforming the content into visually pleasing, digestible and clear messages.”
Raymond Fung
Senior Designer, Sydney
"We helped Standard Chartered, a multinational bank, map out a pathway for how they will align their financing with the goals of the Paris Agreement, which means aligning their financing to a net-zero future. Working with a bank that is so committed to driving change where it matters most, on such a critical topic was very rewarding."
Veronica Chau Partner and Director, Sustainable Investing & Social Impact, Toronto
"In close collaboration with stakeholders from South Africa’s public sector, private sector, academia and civil society, we are developing a view of how South Africa can pursue a just transition towards net-zero by 2050. Our work has informed the process that led to a more ambitious South African National Determined Contribution. This in turn was critical to securing an $8.5 billion partnership at COP26 to help support a just energy transition in South Africa."
Fiona Tokple Project Leader, Johannesburg

Employee benefits that benefit everyone.

Every day, BCGers at all levels of the firm give their all to unlock the potential of those who advance the world. It’s important, impactful work–and it’s only possible because of our dedicated people. That’s why our people are our top priority, and we support each BCGer with a comprehensive employee benefits package.
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