DigitalBCG Ladies Night

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Join us on April 22 
Meet leading women in digital from all over Europe in this unique virtual reality setting.
Show off your know-how in an interactive masterclass that will bring you real-world insights on how large companies are scaling up agile ways of working.  We look forward to meeting you!
4-5 p.m. CETWelcome and Intro to DigitalBCG | Karalee Close and Michael Rüßmann
5-7 p.m. CET: Master Class on Agile@Scale | Erik Lenhard and Giulia Airaghi
7:30-8:30 p.m. CET: Networking | DigitalBCG Consultants and Recruiting Team 
BCG has a long history of driving growth by embracing innovation and new ways of thinking. Through DigitalBCG, we bring together a diverse mix of consultants and digital specialists to ensure that we are supporting our clients throughout their digital transformation journeys. We work with our clients to fully understand the impact of digital on their business and set priorities that will transform their vision into value. Whether it be developing new technologies to support their core business, making better use of their data, or pursuing entirely new sources of revenue, our aim is to achieve radical improvements in productivity, flexibility, and speed. We are innovating how our clients are using artificial intelligence, robotic process automation, Internet of Things, personalization, blockchain technologies, and more to gain competitive advantage.
DigitalBCG encompasses a broad set of data, digital, and technology capabilities from BCG consulting teams and practices, along with our business units such as BCG Digital Ventures, BCG Platinion, and BCG GAMMA.
Practice Area Profile
BCG's Technology Advantage (TA) practice focuses on helping clients deliver competitive advantage and business superior performance through the use of data, technology, and digital. TA is the fastest growing practice at BCG and at the heart of the strategic impact we have with our clients. Our consultants and experts globally work across all industries and provide deep experience and expertise across a number of topics including digital transformation, data and digital platforms, software and agile, and digitizing the tech function.
Arthur Technologies
Arthur is a virtual office space that enables you and your team to meet, collaborate, and manage your work. It empowers you to maximize your level of remote productivity and free yourself from geographic and physical constraints.
Getting Started with Arthur
1. Arthur account
In order to log in to VR and the Arthur portal, you will receive your own login credential. They will be communicated to you separately.

2. How to create my personal Avatar
1) Arthur portal: Go to the Arthur Portal and log in with your credentials. Click on your name to arrive at the settings page.
2) Create your personal avatar: Click Select Image and upload a photo that satisfies the requirements below in order to get the best-looking avatar possible. Once the picture has been uploaded, click Generate Avatar.
3) Choose the outfit and confirm: Choose the outfit that you'd like to have in Arthur (find outfit pictures here). Click on Upload to continue or Select Again if you want to change your avatar.

3. How to join my first VR meeting in Arthur
1) Unpack and charge VR headset.
2) Room and guardian set-up.
3) Connect to Wi-Fi network.
4) Open the Arthur app and log in with your credentials.
5) Join a room as advised by BCG.

You can also find the detailed Arthur VR Meeting Guide here.

Please note that it is important that you charge your VR glasses during the break.

4. How do I set up the Arthur 2D Desktop Viewer?
Click here to find a detailed instruction. Please note that the Arthur 2D Desktop Viewer is only available for Windows.
Arthur Learning
1. Basic controlas to navigate in Arthur
How do I move in VR? Click here.
How do I click in VR? Click here.
How do I grab, move, and rotate an object? Click here.
How do I scale an object? Click here.

2. Advanced Learning
Learn about text labels here and using shapes here.

3. Arthur Knowledge Base
You can find all information about how to use Arthur in their knowledge base.

4. VR Onboarding Rooms
There are onboarding rooms available in VR that can be used for training purposes. Feel free to log in any time to practice. 

How to use the VR glasses

We strongly recommend you try your glasses and log-in prior to the beginning of the event. This will help reduce the need for troubleshooting any log-in issues during the event.
Here you can find a video showing how we used the VR glasses at the Virtual BCG Platinion Hackathon Event 2020.
Zoom is a video communication tool we will utilize for plenary meetings and as a fallback if our VR meetings do not work as expected. Please dial into the following session if you encounter any issues with the virtual reality setup.

The Recruiting Team

Alina Semmer Recruiter
Germany & Austria
Have a question? Contact me
Nadine Roth Recruiter
​​​​​​​Germany & Austria
Have a question? Contact me
Stefani Germanotta
Lina Berlinger Recruiter
Have a question? Contact me
Bradley Pitter
Anders Bak Recruiter
Have a question? Contact me
Bradley Pitter
Greta Maldini Recruiter
Have a question? Contact me

The Masterclass Team

Erik Lenhard Partner and Associate Director Have a question? Contact me
Yael Steinman
Giulia Airaghi Project Leader
Have a question? Contact me
Stefani Germanotta
Rob Koentopp Knowledge Expert Have a question? Contact me
Bradley Pitter
Nadine Roth Recruiter Have a question? Contact me

The Technical Support Team

Bradley Pitter
Eric Adolphs
Customer Success - Arthur Digital
Have a question? Contact me
+1 650 427 9269
Yael Steinman
Iwana Johannsen
Customer Success - Arthur Digital
Have a question? Contact me
+34 654 222 232
Bradley Pitter
Siegfried Schunn
IT Manager - BCG

Have a question? Contact me
+49 1516 8941500
After the Event

1) Pack the return shipment securely.
2) Please put the headset with all its components back into the original packaging and place it in the shipping box.
3) Close the shipping box using the self-adhesive seal.
4) The return label is in the white envelope with the collection date printed.
5) The shipping will be ordered by BCG. 
6) Return shipment: Please be at the agreed location on the pickup date and make sure that all equipment is packed.

Data Privacy
Data security is very important to us, and we want you to feel safe about your data. If you have questions about our data policies, please click on this link or contact us directly.
Join us!
Here's a memory from our last DigitalBCG Ladies Night - we had so much fun!
We look forward to making new memories with you on April 22!