Uplifting Women at BCG

Our global Women@BCG network offers best-in-class programs in career development, mentorship, and networking to help women in consulting and beyond excel personally and professionally.

We are working to eliminate gender bias in the workplace...

Success never comes from sitting still or standing alone. One of our highest priorities is supporting women in the workplace, which we aim to do through career growth and representation and by celebrating the achievements of women at our firm.

We are encouraged by our progress and excited about what the future holds as we enhance opportunities, the BCG experience, and work-life balance, not just for women at BCG, but for all BCGers.

...and we're being recognized for our efforts.

Meet BCGers: Women@BCG Stories

Flourishing as a Woman in Leadership
Managing Director and Senior Partner Jeanne Kwong Bickford discusses the ups and downs of her 20 year BCG journey and her leadership philosophy.
Taking Advantage of BCG's Flexible Working Model
Principal Anis Mohd Nor shares how BCG's flexible working arrangements has helped her effectively balance work and family. 
Becoming BCG's First Chief Diversity Officer
Chief Diversity Officer Nadjia Yousif highlights her journey in diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) work and discusses BCG's own commitments to fostering DEI initiatives.
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The Leadership Compass, an Interview Series with Sharon Marcil

Guiding an organization means objectively assessing strengths and weaknesses and then crafting a vision—and a plan for realizing that vision. It also means being prepared to change course—when the unexpected happens, when disruptive technologies hit, when economic winds shift.
In this interview series, Sharon Marcil, BCG’s North America Chair, talks with industry leaders about how they’ve navigated challenges and seized opportunities. Executives can gather advice from others’ leadership lessons and become inspired to tackle their unique obstacles with vision.

The Economy and What Makes a Great Founder
Sharon Marcil and Jenny Abramson, Founder and Managing Partner at Rethink Impact and BCG alumna, reflect upon challenges in today’s economic environment and addressing gender inequality in venture capital.

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Navigating Your Career and the Future of AI
Sharon Marcil sits down with former IBM CEO, Ginni Rometty to discuss leading through adversity, upskilling throughout a career, and her latest book, Good Power.

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Our Women@BCG agenda—to increase the number, success, and satisfaction of women at the firm—is making strong gains.

Driving inspired impact
Sophia Davies is a Technology Architect at BCG Platinion, BCG’s digital solutions and IT architecture business, where she leverages her passion for art and science to unlock a competitive advantage for clients, particularly when it comes to sustainability. Hear Sophia share insights into her role and how she sees data as a facilitator of change.
Gender equity advances us all
We are committed to removing the barriers women face at all levels in order to empower them to unlock their full potential. That’s why we are partnering with financial institutions to ensure women have equitable access to capital, driving solutions to address underfunding in women’s health care, and building programs that improve women’s workforce experience.
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