Case Interview Preparation

If the idea of tackling complex problems excites you, there’s a good chance
​​​​​​​you belong at BCG—and the case study interview is your chance to shine!​​​​​​​

Perform at your best during your case interview.

An important step in the interview process for client-facing roles, case interviews are designed to simulate real-world problems faced by client teams, so you’ll be able to experience the type of work we do, show off your ability to problem-solve, and demonstrate any technical or specialized skills related to the role for which you’re applying.

While this may be a new experience for you, embracing the challenge of case prep with enthusiasm and an open mind will help to make it as informative and rewarding as possible. Rest assured you’ll have all the support you need to succeed, giving you a true taste of what it’s really like to be a consultant at BCG.

If applying for a senior role within the organization, you may not be required to complete a case study interview in the traditional sense outlined below. However, you should come prepared to discuss your approach to team building, and your frameworks and strategies for solving complex business problems.
Client Facing Roles

Bring your talents to the table by solving a problem by showing off your business knowledge, numerical capabilities, and communication style.
Deep Expertise Roles

Demonstrate an extensive knowledge and nuanced understanding of your practice area while putting your problem-solving skills into action. 
Senior Roles

​​​​​​​Offer a glimpse into the frameworks and strategies that you use to solve complex business problems.

BCGers share their case study interview tips.

To learn more about how BCGers embraced the opportunity and thrived during the case interview process, check out their advice for how to prepare at every step—and enjoy yourself along the way.
David Ogbechie is an Associate based in our London office. After studying Chemical Engineering at University College London, David joined BCG in April of 2021. Having recently gone through the interview process at BCG, David sat down to reflect on his experience and share what he learned.

Follow these dos and donts to ace your case prep:

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