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Career Growth Opportunities

Learn more about our commitment to your learning,
development, and growth. 

Go beyond expected career growth opportunities.

At BCG, we take career growth to another level. To solve our clients’ biggest challenges, we need smart, curious, and driven people. Through structured and supportive opportunities, which include on-the-job learning, coaching, mentoring, external learning opportunities, and formal training. We make sure you’re enabled and empowered to develop in the direction that interests you. 

From day one, a structured on-boarding process will set you up for success as you begin to navigate the learning opportunities within your role. Because our business growth drives opportunities for your growth, we’re able to provide engaging, impactful, and exciting careers you won’t find anywhere else. 

Discover why 90% of BCGers believe their careers are better off having worked with us.

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Experience world-class learning and development opportunities.

Annually, we invest $100M+ into learning, supporting the 30,000+ BCGers who participated in a learning experience in 2022. One of those BCGers is Jeanne Lawrence, a Climate and Sustainability Coordinator. In 2021, Jeanne introduced a new climate-focused educational workshop to her home office and soon after received support to spread the workshop to the rest of the organization. Discover how Jeanne enables BCGers to learn more about the science of climate change. 

Own your career journey.

Career ownership is the key to a successful and satisfying career with us. We encourage progression in many ways, whether by exploring a different function or moving geographically, and we incorporate genuine flexibility into every career path. Over her 15 years at BCG, Poh Yi Wong has experienced a variety of roles across our consulting and business services team. Learn about how BCG supported Poh Yi throughout her diverse career journey. 
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Pursue your passions.

As we grow, so will you, and we encourage you to dive deeper into your interests. Whether it be top institution-delivered AI and Climate and Sustainability developments, international experiences, or the chance to work with clients for a year in an externship, we strive to offer the freedom you need to pursue your passions. Project Leader Mary Kiarie took advantage of one such opportunity, joining our Social Impact Immersion Program to focus on global social impact work. Learn more about Mary's passion for social impact. 

Shape your consulting career with Pathways@BCG. 

Pathways@BCG gives our consulting staff a clear process to pursue their interests through opportunities to take part in unique casework, electives, and working models.

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Reflecting on 10 years of growth at BCG.  

Natalia Kwiecien, a Project Leader in our Warsaw office, reflects on her many years at BCG and how she has grown personally and professionally thanks to the opportunities she has taken advantage of here. 

Hear from our people. 

Supporting your success beyond your BCG career.

We recognize that constant exploration and accelerated learning serve you for a lifetime – and that is often beyond your BCG career. Thanks to our active alumni network, you can tap into select BCG alumni resources and benefits such as dedicated events, career services, and fellow alumni who are there for advice and guidance. No matter which path you choose at BCG, you will find yourself with more skills, greater experience, and better opportunities than when you joined. 
Meet some of our inspirational alumni and learn how their time at BCG set them up for future success. 

Valuable lessons and leadership insights. 

Former Project Leader Mitsuhiko Hagiwara shares the most impactful lessons he learned from BCG. 

Discovering a career in higher education.

Tanner Gardner shares how his consulting career at BCG helped him discover his true passion for higher education. 

Launching a renewable energy venture.

Former consultant Dan Adams shares how his BCG network enabled him to launch a renewable energy business. 
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