Where Your Difference Can Make a Difference​​​​​​

Stronger Together
Started in 1999, Black+Latinx@BCG brings together BCGers across the African Diaspora and Hispanic, and Latinx heritage. Together, the network offers extensive career development support, mentoring, affiliation, and networking opportunities. The network also provides opportunities for informal and formal 1:1 mentorship. Black+Latinx@BCG focuses on strengthening community and increasing sense of belonging at BCG. The network comes together around shared similarities while celebrating the uniqueness of experience, culture, and heritage. Black+Latinx@BCG regularly hosts full network calls, regional conferences, community hours, and networking calls.

Strengthening Connections Through Black+Latinx@BCG 

Our aim is continued community building through the development, enrichment, and advancement of our community.

Meet BCGers

Meet the members of the network from various backgrounds and experiences. 

"My favorite thing about the network is the community I’ve cultivated in such a short period of time. This community constantly pushes me to be my best authentic self and inspires me to go after my wildest dreams."

Naomi Alem
Associate, Seattle, USA
"Support from the Black+Latinx network has enabled me to to persevere through the low points and pause to own the highs the are inevitable in the consulting role. My success at BCG to date, is owed in large part to my participation in this cadre."

Miles Fuller
Principal, Atlanta, USA

"My very favorite part of the network is the OneBCG approach and the integration of BCGers from all around BCG. One of the highlights in the COVID world was the “Hora Comunitaria en Espanol” (“Happy Hour in Spanish”). I can’t wait to do it again!"

Heidy Gil
South Finance Director,
​​​​​​​Austin, USA


"The quarterly Black and Latinx women's call has had a tremendous impact on me. Acknowledging our intersectionality is incredibly important, especially as we continue to have more candid conversations around race and difference."

Imani Lewis
BrightHouse Associate Strategy Director, Atlanta, USA


"My favorite part about the network is the unwavering support you receive. There is always someone willing to take time out of their day to listen, across cohorts and at all levels of seniority."

Irisselly Arroyo
Executive Assistant, New York, USA

"I'm grateful to be part of the Black+Latinx Network at BCG because there’s something beautiful in having shared lived experiences that enable me to feel comfortable to be my full, authentic self and be supported each and every day."

Amy Hernandez Turcios
Los Angeles, USA

Building Connections as a Latina at BCG
Amy Hernandez Turcios, a consultant in our Los Angeles office, shares her story of BCG culture and how Black+Latinx@BCG helped support her in her role and beyond.