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If you're ready to solve the world's biggest problems, learn about our hiring process ​and how to become a BCGer.
Every Contribution Matters
We are a global community of colleagues determined to make the world and each other better every day. Being at the forefront of change requires the power of a workforce with diverse backgrounds and perspectives. We seek curious minds, keen intellect, and a powerful motivation to make a difference.
Opportunities at Every Turn
Whether you’re just beginning your career, or leveraging years of practiced expertise, opportunity abounds at BCG. For students or experienced hires, we offer paths in traditional consulting, digital and technology opportunities, and roles to support and grow our business. No matter the position, no matter the motivation, if you seek challenge, you’ve arrived.
The Power of Possibilities
Joining an organization as far-reaching as BCG is a journey for us and for you. The hiring process at BCG varies, and is designed based on the role, location, level, and need. What doesn’t change is our commitment to the candidate.

As you get to know BCG, exercise your curiosity. Ask about your specific interview and hiring process. Get to know BCGers online and in your community. From the application, to the interview process and beyond, the more prepared you are, the better we can get to know you.
Prepare to Make Impact
From academic credentials to demonstrated creativity, BCG seeks exceptional talent from a wide range of backgrounds. The best way to showcase your problem-solving abilities and leadership skills is to prepare effectively.
Explore a Future With US
Your journey to join the Group begins with understanding, preparation, and a clear, purposeful commitment to solve the world’s problems. Here’s how to make the most of your candidate experience.
Focus On What You Do Best
Opportunities are limitless at BCG. You’ll be most successful when you focus on where you can be your best. Search our opportunities and apply for roles that best fit your experience, level, and potential.