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At BCG we support consulting efforts through a variety of capabilities in which we create solutions that promote innovation across talented teams committed to success.

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Artificial Intelligence
AI can deliver significant business impact, but companies can maximize its value by taking an end-to-end approach. Weaving together strategy, process redesign, and human and technical capabilities, we create the fabric of an AI-driven organization, enabling the outcomes that drive businesses forward.
Business and Organizational Purpose
BCG BrightHouse leads the way in business purpose consulting, helping companies to transform their operations, culture, and branding, resulting in meaningful alignment and enhanced performance.
Business Resilience
BCG empowers organizations to not only survive disruptions but thrive, with a proactive framework for adaptation and transformation, thereby securing a competitive edge in unpredictable environments.
Business Transformation
BCG aids companies in sustainable value creation and cultural shifts, leveraging comprehensive strategies and technological integration for improved efficiency and customer experience, resulting in superior performance.
Climate & Sustainability
BCG emphasizes the urgency of climate action, aiding businesses in transitioning to net zero guiding businesses in embedding sustainable practices for a decarbonized future. Services span strategy, resilience against climate risks, and advocacy for sustainable finance and renewables.
Corporate Finance and Strategy
BCG navigates businesses through market changes for exceptional value creation, focusing on strategic clarity, growth portfolios, and agile implementation, thus enhancing stakeholder value and company valuations.
Cost Management
BCG’s approach to cost management focuses on sustainable impact, targeting organizational cost structures for reinvestment in growth and strategic initiatives, leading to performance optimization and value unlocking.
Customer Insights
Utilizing advanced analytics, BCG unlocks growth by understanding consumer behaviors, informing strategic decisions for product optimization, brand strategy, and discovery of new opportunities.
Portrait of a smiling woman with long straight blonde hair, wearing a dark green textured blouse, posed in a bright room.
Digital, Technology and Data
BCG accelerates companies' adaptation to digital advancements, emphasizing resilience, rapid learning, and the intentional blend of human and technological capabilities. This commitment to enhancing digital proficiencies ensures organizations are not only prepared for upcoming challenges but are also positioned as leaders in innovation and technology integration, driving sustainable growth and competitive advantage.
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
Diversity, equity, and inclusion serve as bedrock values for many organizations. They also drive value creation when embedded as part of a core business strategy. Our diversity, equity, and inclusion consulting team helps clients build the equitable and inclusive businesses of the future.
Innovation Strategy and Delivery
BCG supports clients in aligning innovation with business priorities through adaptable strategies, building a robust innovation engine for current and future success.
International Business
The rules of international business are being rewritten, creating opportunities for companies that are nimble enough to capitalize. BCG’s international business consultants help companies recognize the economic patterns in globalization and seize the future. As an international strategy consultancy, we advise all stakeholders in international business and economic globalization: Multinational Corporations, Global Challengers and Other Local Competitors and Governments.
BCG assists manufacturers in embracing digitization and sustainability, navigating the evolving supply chains, technologies, and talent to meet global demands responsibly.
Marketing and Sales
The best marketing and sales organizations orient around the customer—and rely on analytics, agile processes, and a test-and-learn culture to create more personalized experiences. BCG’s marketing and sales consultants guide the way.
M&A, Transactions, and PMI
BCG maximizes value in M&A and post-merger integration by guiding strategic decisions and managing business portfolios, ensuring value creation throughout the deal lifecycle.
Portrait of a smiling woman with long straight blonde hair, wearing a dark green textured blouse, posed in a bright room.
BCG’s operations consulting teams help clients unlock value from every aspect of their operations for superior performance and efficiency.
Organization Strategy
BCG’s expertise in organizational strategy, design, and operating models enables companies to pivot their business trajectory, securing a competitive advantage through effective organization.
People Strategy
Focusing on leadership, culture, talent, upskilling, and HR, BCG enhances the agility, innovation, and responsiveness of companies, valuing people as the foremost asset.
Pricing and Revenue Management
BCG’s pricing and revenue management consulting teams help build the capabilities, processes, and mindset that unlock the power of pricing—in various market conditions.
Risk Management and Compliance
BCG turns risk management and compliance into opportunities for value creation, beyond merely mitigating threats and safeguarding operations and reputation.
Social Impact
Our Social impact consulting team helps clients transform their core business to create positive economic, environmental, and societal impact in ways that ensure long-term profitability.
Zero-Based Budgeting
BCG champions zero-based budgeting for transformation and growth, fostering a culture of cost-consciousness and strategic resource allocation for tailored, impactful benefits across the organization.

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