Celebrating the Asian
​​​​​​​Community at BCG

Our employee resource groups give BCGers of Asian descent the chance to come together to find a sense of community and access opportunities to help them thrive personally and professionally. 
Collective Community Empowerment
Our Asian community employee resource groups aim to give employees a supportive and inclusive environment — where everyone has the opportunity to succeed professionally and flourish personally. Members can find a strong sense of community and support one another through networking, mentorship, and career development.
Promoting Progress Through Community
Our vast community is comprised of different nationalities, cultures, religions, and languages spanning all over Asia, yet we are all connected.
Often Tested; Always Proven
​​​​​​​Lessons from Leaders of Asian Descent 
As part of our ongoing internal engagement activities with our communities of Asian descent, Managing Director & Partner Harish Hemmige invited several marquee leaders to share their personal leadership journeys, insights on the latest trends, and advice for those embarking on their careers. Here we share a few of the highlights.

Ajay Banga

Chairman and former CEO of Mastercard Ajay Banga discusses the role mentors played throughout his career journey.

Ann Mukherjee
Chairwoman & CEO Pernod Richard North America Ann Mukherjee shares her perspective on the difference between being right and doing what is right.
Salman Amin
Pladis Global CEO Salman Amin offers advice for aspiring leaders embarking on thier careers. 


Nilam Ganenthiran

Instacart President Nilam Ganenthiran shares the lessons he’s learned throughout his career that he still draws from to this day.

Ankur Vora
Gates Foundation’s Chief Strategy Officer Ankur Vora shares his advice for leaders who want to make an impact on the world. 

Raj Gupta
Former CEO of Rohm and Haas Raj Gupta offers advice for leaders who are ascending in their careers. 

Meet BCGers

Members come from different backgrounds and have different roots. Their intertwining experiences come together to move the Asian community forward and achieve new heights.
"Home, that’s what AsianDiversity@BCG means to me. It means feeling like I belong at BCG. It means finding my place, finding my people, finding people who have lived shared experiences, and who will unite as a community to honor our collectivist roots and come together for a moment of grief or in a moment of celebration of everything we’ve achieved."

​​​​​​​ Ruhama Quadir
​​​​​​​AsianDiversity@BCG Member
"AsianDiversity@BCG has been one of the key ways that I found my group at BCG – I’ve made many close friends across offices thanks to our national conferences – and its one of the main ways I stay in touch with new folks coming into my local office. The network has empowered me to make a difference for my Asian colleagues experience, and has been instrumental in giving me opportunities to contribute to the community’s well being."

 Nicol Zhou
Managing Director and Partner AsianDiversity@BCG Member
"AsianDiversity@BCG has been an amazing support network. One which recognizes and celebrates our individual differences. It has provided a safe space where we have learned a lot from each other and other experiences such as the Lunar New Year, Holi and Ramadan."

Zeeshan ShahPlatinion Principal,
​​​​​​​Enterprise Solutions

AsianDiversity@BCG Member

"For me, AsianDiversity@BCG is small taste of home away from home. Especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, when we have all been isolated with our global travel and haven’t seen our friends and family. AsianDiversity@BCG is what has kept me close to my home and our traditions."

 Venkat Raman
Project Leader AsianDiversity@BCG Member


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