Advanced Degree
​​​​​​​Candidates (North America)

Advanced Degree Candidates 

Advanced degree candidates (ADCs) are students pursuing a PhD, postdoc, JD, or MD, and also current residents and practicing physicians. If you are interested in a business career, we encourage you to explore opportunities at BCG.

About ADC

Your fresh and distinct perspective is needed at BCG. You'll join a team of incredibly diverse backgrounds, where your intellectual curiosity, creativity, and problem-solving skills can make valuable contributions to client projects from day one. At BCG, you will continuously expand your areas of knowledge, enhance your skills, and advance your career in a way and at a pace unmatched by most other companies.

We will help you transition from the academic or scientific world through our on-the-job apprenticeship model, mentorship opportunities, and extensive training program. We offer customized training programs for non-business background consultants to ensure a strong foundation for a successful career in strategy consulting.

If you have any questions at all, don’t hesitate to reach out to ADC Recruiting team. If you are a UK advanced degree candidate, please learn more about our recruiting process and events

Advanced Degree Virtual Events

We invite you to learn more about consulting and BCG through our upcoming events for advanced degree candidates. These virtual events allow you to meet our consultants and ask questions about BCG. We hope to see you there!
We invite you to join us for BCG's Virtual Info Session. Learn more about why ADCs think BCG is a great place to work and find out more about our recruiting process for our upcoming application deadline for Bridge to BCG. ​​​​​​​
We invite you to learn about BCG's affinity networks including the Asian Diversity Network, Black+Latinx Network, Pride@BCG, Women@BCG, Veterans@BCG, and more!
Learn more about our Climate & Sustainability work and practice area at BCG!
The Black+Latinx@BCG and Indigenous@BCG network is a powerful source of support for underrepresented groups, and a dynamic force for change within BCG and beyond. 
Join us to learn more about BCG's MD/physician network, the transition from medicine to consulting and life at BCG as a consultant.
A BCG Coffee Chat presents a unique opportunity for you to talk directly with a consultant about what it is like to work at BCG, and get their advice on navigating our recruiting process. 

International Events

For candidates interested in our BCG offices outside of the US and Canada, please refer to our BCG International Events Page for upcoming events and other information.

*All international virtual events can be found on this page.

Advanced Degree Application Process
BCG knows that advanced degree candidates bring a diverse skillset to our firm and thus can contribute to several different positions. We offer the following job opportunities for ADCs. Click on one of the three jobs below that interests you to learn more about the recruiting process.
Full-time Consultants
Generalist consultants work on varied projects across topics and industries analyzing problems, discovering insights, delivering recommendations, and making change happen for our clients. We hire across all advanced degree backgrounds and concentrations (PhD, MD, JD, postdoc, resident, practicing physician).

If you are interested in a full-time consultant role and intend to start in 2024, we strongly encourage you to apply to our full-time application deadline on July 31, 2023 at 11:59pm ET.


In addition to completing our online application you will be asked to:

  • Provide a one-page, business style resume. We recommend you watch our Resume Writing Workshop for assistance.
  • Complete the Pymetrics games (30 minutes). If you apply to a US BCG office, you will receive an email inviting you to play the pymetrics games after you submit your application. The games must be completed within 48 hours of submitting your application (prompt to play sent via email within 1-2 hours after application submission).
  • One-way video interview (45 minutes): An email invitation to the video interview will be sent on a rolling basis throughout July. Video interviews are due on Monday, August 7th.

Consultant Interns
Our deadline for ADC internship opportunities for the summer of 2023 has passed. 
Check back this fall for more information about our summer 2024 internship application process.

GAMMA Data Scientist Consultants
Data scientists design and build powerful, analytics-based solutions in order to help our clients tackle their business problems. BCG GAMMA, as part of BCG X, hires candidates with advanced degrees with excellent academic achievements in specific fields such as computer science, applied mathematics, statistics, machine learning, deep learning, operations research, etc. BCG GAMMA, as part of BCG X, also looks for relevant experience in data science and proficiency in Python.

Current PhD students graduating between December 2023 and June 2024 are eligible to apply for full-time roles starting in 2024 this summer.
MDs, Residents, Practicing Physicians
​​​​​​​at BCG
Learn more about how we recruit and support incoming medical candidates to BCG.

Bridge to BCG

The 2023 Bridge to BCG application deadline has passed.

​​​​​​​Bridge to BCG is an interactive workshop designed to help you test-drive the BCG project team experience.