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BCG in the Netherlands
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BCG is committed to supporting a diverse and inclusive workforce so that we can deliver extraordinary value and be agents of change - for our clients, our people and society.

Within the Amsterdam office, we run a number of initatives in line with our global diversity strategy under key pillars: Pride@BCG, Women@BCG, Ethnic & Cultural Diversity, and Family@BCG.
ECHO Awards
BCG is proud to contribute to this year’s ECHO Awards, as part of the jury team. The ECHO Award is an annual prize that is awarded to outstanding talent among non-Western students from scientific and higher vocational education. ECHO defines excellence not only by academic achievement, but by an innovative approach and attitude, demonstrable organizational and managerial talent, active social involvement and the ambition to contribute to the knowledge economy.

Every year, between 20 and 30 students are nominated by higher education institutions across the Netherlands. The Awards showcase and unearth talent across a variety of communities, providing a platform for the nominees to share their stories, experiences and visions for the future. An independent team of judges evaluates the nominations and selects the winners who will be awarded a summer course at the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) in the United States.

BCG is delighted that Aico Troeman (Managing Director & Partner BCG) is part of the jury team that will decide this year’s winners.

On Thursday, February 3, 2021, the four winners will be announced in the ECHO Award HBO categories. ECHO Award WO, Loyens & Loeff Tax and Law Award and Bèta Techniek Award. The ECHO Award ceremony can also be followed by the home audience via a live stream which you can find on the link below.


In the Amsterdam office, we have a broad range of communities. All communities are led by BCG'ers and you can always join a community if you are interested.
Ethnic & Cultural Diversity
We aim to create a diverse workforce where inclusion is the core of all we do. Our goal is to deliver extraordinary value and be agents of changefor our clients, people, and society.

At BCG in the Netherlands, we organize several mentor programs yearly. One of them is the "BCG for You" Mentor Program:

The "BCG for You" Mentor Program is a powerful source of support for young talents from underrepresented ethnic or cultural backgrounds. It is focused on personal and professional growth in an inclusive and welcoming environment.

Do you want to know more? Contact Claire Rosenmöller, Senior Recruiter Experienced Hires & Diversity and Inclusion.
The Women's Commitee is dedicated to empowering women and equality in the workforce whilst providing opportunities for personal branding and development throughout your career.

At BCG in the Netherlands, we have a number of local and global initiatives that inspire and connect women. Build your network at these events, grow as an individual, and have fun!

Women at BCG have career paths as diverse as their backgrounds. We appreciate this and encourage women to follow their passion during their careers with BCG.

Our Pride at BCG network strives to create a fulfilling environment for members of BCG's LGBTQ+ community worldwide. 

Our continuously growing LGBTQ+ community offers platforms for sharing ideas and information as well as for networking locally and globally.  Whether it's inspiring discussions with our CEO, one-on-one exchanges about professional and personal issues, reaching out to make a difference in society, or simply meeting up for drinks, there's something for everyone!
The Family@BCG network aims to support BCG-ers across functions, cohorts, gender and family situations so they can succesfully manage family commitments and a career in parallel.

BCG delivers a number of initatives to helps its employees balance work and family commitments, and the Family@BCG team aims to ensure there is transparancy around the options available, including leave policies, flexible working models and FlexiTime. 

Family@BCG also aims to increase the visibility of how our teams make work for them and the multiple paths possible. 

Social Impact
At BCG, our work in Social Impact is about doing good and making a difference. Our main objective and our greatest reward are making a tangible and lasting contribution to the world we live in.

We want want to enable our clients to have a significant impact on the world's most pressing social matters. That's why approximately 10 percent of our consultants are assigned to one or more global and/or local Social Impact Projects each year.

If you are interested in Social Impact work, we offer a range of one-year programs. These include the Social Impact Immersion Program that allows you to focus on Social Impact case work, and the Social Impact Secondment, which offers you the opportunity to work for one of our global Social Impact partners.

Wrokko: A partner for bicultural youth
BCG is proud to be a partner of Wrokko, the non-profit platform for promoting professional development and career opportunities for bicultural pioneers. Many young members of the bicultural community are the first generation in their families to pursue an education on the college/university level. Wrokko understands the challenges facing these pioneer youth as they enter the job market. The organisation offers personalised coaching and mentorship opportunities to help these youth prepare for a bright future. Their goals is to empower bicultural talent through strong engagement by a community of trainers, volunteers, employers and partners like BCG.
We are excited about supporting Wrokko in their mission, and will work with them to organise career-building and networking events where bicultural young people can meet and exchange with potential future employers. Along with Wrokko, BCG is committed to promoting diversity and equality of opportunity in the workplace and in education. We believe that a vibrant, inclusive workforce with a diversity of perspectives is crucial to the success of any organisation. Through our partnership with Wrokko, we will work to ensure that bicultural young talents have all the tools and support that they need to reach their full potential as future professionals.
ECHO: A partner for diversity expertise
ECHO is a non-profit organisation dedicated to promoting better outcomes for students of multicultural backgrounds, as well as fostering diversity in the workplace. In addition to its extensive research and consultancy activities on the topic of diversity and inclusivity policy, ECHO also organises the annual ECHO Award, recognizing outstanding achievements and providing scholarschip opportunities to college and university students of non-Western backgrounds studying in the Netherlands.

As a partner of ECHO, BCG is dedicated to the organisation's mission of sustainably developing and implementing diversity policies within schools and universities, the business world and the public sector, and cultivating talent among students and young jobseekers from all backgrounds. We are proud to support ECHO in their work, to exchange knowledge and work together to achieve these important goals.