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Welcome to BCG in Spain

We have offices located in Madrid and Barcelona, with more than 600 employees living and working in Spain.

Our work spans across BCG, BCG GAMMA, BCG Digital Ventures, and BCG Platinion, and it is focused on Business Building and Incubation, Consulting, Data Science and Analytics, Design, Finance, Legal and Risk, Marketing and Communications, People and HR, Product Management, Research and Insights, and Technology and Engineering.
Roles at BCG in Spain


In Spain, applications for internships are open all year long. Our stages are dedicated to final-year BSc and MSc students, and typically last two to three months.


Associates are typically entry-level consultants. The associate position is available to fresh graduates with internship experience and to young professionals with 1-2 years of full-time working experience. Associate applications are open year-round.


Applications are open all year for experienced professionals, or those who are completing or have recently completed an MBA.

Expert Hires

If you are an experienced professional looking to specialise in a particular industry or sector, look out for these roles as and when they become available.

Digital Hires

We hire for all of our digital businesses in Spain, which includes consultants with a passion for digital and technology, data scientists and engineers, as well as IT architects and cybersecurity specialists.

Business Services Hires

Our business requires support from a multitude of different roles including design, finance, human resources, marketing, risk, and IT.
Our beautiful office in Madrid...

Meet our People

Teresa Ko - Project Leader
“When you join BCG, you're inevitably exposed to a wide variety of ideas and approaches that challenge your existing thinking and turn you into a well-rounded and thoughtful professional. Over the course of my five years at BCG Madrid, I’ve had the opportunity to work in London for eight months within a truly diverse team of international talent with BCGers from London, Paris, Lisbon, and Rome. Besides their backgrounds in the army and the medical, legal, chemicals and engineering industries, each member brought a unique set of experiences and beautiful stories and customs from their home countries that spurred an environment of creativity and inspiration for us all.”
Pablo Santomá - Project Leader
“BCG has allowed me to build a broad set of skills thanks to the strategic work I did in my first years at the company. I’ve been able to expand my expertise in a wide range of fields, especially in energy, IT, digital and consumer goods. BCG has also given me the opportunity to participate in the global project Net-Zero Pledge, which aims at achieving net-zero climate impact by 2030.”
Alfredo Diaz-Grande - Consultant “I like the fact that BCG has a Pride network for LGBTQ+ BCGers, because it truly shows that BCG values diversity and inclusion. The network enables me to actively participate in shaping BCG’s agenda on these topics–not just in Spain, but globally. The network consists of a group of fun individuals, eager to share their experiences and have interesting conversations, as well as to simply participate in different affiliation activities and enjoy each other’s company. 
It’s really nice to have a group in which you instantly feel at home!”
Miriam Semmel - Associate
“I knew that I wanted to start my professional career in strategy consulting. I chose BCG because of its closeness to its employees, its focus on developing people through mentoring and role models, and its clear support of women at BCG.”

A day at the office

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