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We are BCG Singapore - a diverse group of motivated thought leaders helping drive change and successs for top organizations across our region.  As a team, we work dilligiently to expand our capabilites and refine our skills to provide impactful solutions that improve communities.

Collaborate, innovate, evolve, and excel at BCG Singapore

Positioned at the heart of South East Asia, Singapore stands strong as a thriving hub for conducting global business and trade. 

At BCG Singapore, you can expect to be at the forefront of decision-making and progress in a vibrant and expansive market surrounded by diverse leaders and change-makers.

Through collaborative efforts you'll work on cultivating unique solutions to projects for top Singapore and Southeast Asian companies, government agencies, and multinational corporations focused on Energy, Healthcare, Insurance, Technology, Private Equity, Finance, Consumer Products/Industrial goods and more.  


Hear it from BCGers

Moritz Schuster
Growth Lead at BCG X
"BCG has been a transformative journey, granting me the privilege to explore diverse regions like Berlin, the Middle East, London, South Africa, and Singapore. Moving to Southeast Asia provided exceptional opportunities for both professional and personal growth. During my time in Singapore, I received joyous news of my wife expecting our second child. Embracing BCG's progressive parental leave policy, I took a two-month leave, strengthening the bond with my family. I'm immensely grateful for this remarkable parental leave experience, highlighting BCG's commitment to prioritizing what truly matters - family. Joining BCG was my best career decision, fostering growth beyond my core profession and connecting me with brilliant, like-minded individuals."
Chai Joping
Asia Pacific Staffing Specialist
"Being a Senior Staffing & Professional Development Specialist at BCG X SEA has been a truly enriching experience. I take pride in assembling venture or case teams from scratch, ensuring their unique superpowers align for exceptional client engagement and effective teamwork. The people at BCG X never fail to impress me with their strong sense of ownership and collaboration, creating a supportive environment to tackle challenges together through open communication. Our culture of creativity encourages us to think beyond limits, constantly pushing boundaries and innovating solutions. Agility is second nature to us, swiftly responding to changes while staying adaptable to evolving circumstances. Motivated by our internal drive, we have an unwavering commitment to pursue excellence, continuously improving and surpassing expectations. It's a privilege to be part of a team that thrives on excellence and fosters an inspiring work culture.”
Flex paths
Aarish Netarwala
Lead Strategic Designer at BCG X 
“Working at BCG X has been an exhilarating journey of growth and innovation. Over four remarkable years, I've relished the opportunity to design products for diverse industries, crafting both the product and organization within an impressive 12-month span. Learning from esteemed experts in the field has been immensely valuable. At BCG X, my role revolves around creating solutions that genuinely add value to customers by addressing their unique needs. Collaborating with a talented team, including strategic designers, product managers, data scientists, engineers, and venture architects, we tackle challenges, design exceptional user experiences, develop code, and explore business models. BCG X's unique approach of immersing clients within our team environment fosters agility and freedom to innovate, making every day here truly fulfilling.”

Explore Career Paths at BCG Singapore

Consulting Careers
Enables you to work on diverse and challenging projects across industries and sectors, solving some of the biggest challanges for our Clients.

You are an: Associate, Consultant, Project Lead, Principal, Partner and more.
Tech and Digital Careers
Enables you to leverage cutting-edge technologies and digital solutions to transform businesses and create value for our Clients.

You are an: AI/ML Engineer, Data Scientist, Architect, UI/UX Designer and more.

Climate and Sustainability Careers
Empowers you to address the most urgent environmental and social issues facing the world today and help our Clients achieve their sustainability goals and impact.

You are an: Expert in ESG, Carbon Finance, CO2 management, Net-zero, Renewables and more.
Knowledge and Business Careers
Allows you to develop deep expertise in a specific industry or function and provide insights and analysis to support our project teams and Clients.

You are an: Expert in Risk & Compliance, Analytics, Finance, Marketing, Operations, Energy and more.

Life@BCG, between community and learning

Balancing flexibility and support for a fulfilling career at BCG Singapore

Flex time


We work hard to ensure the comprehensive learning and development of our people. 

​​​​​​​We offer in-person and virtual training sessions to help grow our employee's hard and soft skills such as data analysis, problem solving, storytelling, team effectivness, public speaking, and more. 


Our Women's network aims to ensure support for our women professionals throughout their careers at BCG. 

In the past year we've hosted numerous events with a focus on both personal and professional growth such as International Women's day festivities, a "Breaking Bias" session, a "Women Thriving in Consulting and Beyond" panel, and a Mental well-being awareness event.  
Flex paths

Team Bonding and Celebrations

We understand the importance of collaboration and having fun as a team. To celebrate our culture, values, and accomplishments, we organize and attend a variety of events and activities.

From office parties to team outings and festive celebrations, we create opportunities for our team to come together, build connections, and enjoy each other's company.

Work-Life Balance at BCG Singapore 

Here at BCG, we value the importance of healthy work-life balance for our employees.  We offer several flexibility arrangements when it comes to work schedules for our employees including but not limited to:
  • Flexibility arrangements that can reduce and restructure weekly work hours to fit a model that meets individual employee needs and career ambitions.
  • Opportunities to take an additional block of time off during the year and leaves of absence.
  • Different tracks available for employess that allow them to further their personal and professional development through social impact, work opportunities abroad, and more.

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