Jobs in Kenya

About BCG Kenya

At BCG in Kenya, you will be working in a fast-paced, highly motivated and dynamic business environment. Together with our clients, we strive to solve cutting-edge and complex business problems through tailor-made solutions. And with our colleagues, we form a closely connected group who are supportive of each other inside and outside the office. 

Diverse, passionate individuals from a range of backgrounds collaborate within our office in Nairobi—and with colleagues around the world—to unlock the best in our clients, society, and one another. ​​​​​​​

Who’s working at BCG Kenya?

BCG has a proud heritage of working in Kenya, dating back to 2019. Today, we have the most significant footprint of any premium consulting firm and continue to experience substantial growth.

While each office retains its distinctive character, the system as a whole is a popular destination because of its can-do, laid-back culture. We house Consultants, Project Leaders, Data Scientists, Product Managers, Engineers, Designers, Marketers, and more.

Be the future of work

Enabling you to have everything you need so you can become everything you want to be and perform at your best.
Flex time
Flex arrangements to reduce weekly work hours. Design a model that meets your individual needs and career ambitions.
Opportunities to take an additional block of time off during the year.
Flex paths
Access to experiences to further your personal and professional development, including but not limited to, social impact, work abroad, and leaves of absence.
Our Roles
Visiting Associates and Business Analysts
Entry level; up to 18 months of experience

As a fresh graduate with a maximum of 18 months of experience, you can join BCG as an intern. This junior entry level position will allow you to collaborate on challenging projects with team members, increasing your complex business problems and developing new skills and experience to help you in the future.
Associates, Senior Associates and Consultants

Applications are open all year round for experienced professionals or those who are completing/have recently completed an MBA.

If you have between 1.5 to 9 years of work experience you are welcome to submit your application all year round for a position as Associate, Senior Associate or Consultant, depending from your seniority.
Expert Hires
Experienced professionals looking to specialise in particular practice areas or functional topics.

These roles are advertised as and when they become available.

Business Services Hires

​​​​​​​Our business requires support from a multitude of different roles including finance, human resources, marketing, risk, and IT.

These roles are advertised as and when they become available.
Our Internship Deadlines
At BCG Nairobi we offer internships at 2 different times of the year to university students looking to gain experience and put their skills to work. The internship period is between 6-8 weeks. During this period you work with our team of consultants on impactful projects and develop professionally.

  • Winter Cohort (January – February) 
    • Applications open between 1st of August - 30th September of the previous year.
  • Summer Cohort (July – August) 
    • Applications open 1st February – 30th March of the same year.

To qualify for internship, you must be a 3rd or 4th year student with atleast a GPA of 2.1 or Second Class Upper or equivalent, with high school grades of A- and above. 
Meet our People
Being part of an excellent team, in a region full of promise, and having the opportunity to solve the continent's most pertinent problem is what I like the most about working at BCG in Nairobi.
David Ngari Associate
Meet our People I love working at BCG Nairobi because of the social impact element in many of the projects, as well as the friendly office culture fostered by kind and authentic people.
Vanessa Ombura Associate


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BCG hosts events in locations across the globe to recruit new hires and develop careers. Case competitions, workshops, and the annual Strategy Cup are favorites among attendees of our lively offerings.