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What to expect from the recruiting process for BCG Prague?

We are actively hiring consultants and interns from a wide range of industries and backgrounds.


Each application should meet our minimum academic requirements:

  • Excellent academic results
  • Final year of Master's or completed Master's, MBA, PHD degree for full-time positions
  • Ongoing Bachelor's (2nd and 3rd year) or 1st year Master's in case of Internship positions 
  • Fluent Czech/Slovak and English language knowledge
In addition to academic records we are looking for extensive extra-curricular activities to demonstrate evidence of impact and legacy, significant contribution, high level of commitment, initiative and responsibility.

We are also looking for an impressive record of work experience, be it business-related (banking, consulting, retail etc.) or other. We are seeking motivated individuals who can showcase a strong career trajectory and a high level of impact in the roles they have held.

How to apply?

You are required to submit an online application form including a resumé and a cover letter. You may select up to three offices of your choice in order of your preference. 
You can apply for intern (visiting associate) positions OR full-time positions via the job postings on our page below.

When to apply?

You can apply before our application deadlines, the dates are the same for full-time and intern positions:
  •  30 January, 2022 | summer & fall 2022 start dates
  •  24 April, 2022 | fall 2022 or early 2023 start dates
  •  30 October, 2022 | spring 2023 start dates

What happens after the application?

You should expect to hear back from us shortly after the application deadlines.

If you are selected to start the selection process, the first step is completing an online case study. After the case study, there are two rounds of case interviews, with two separate interviews in the first round and two additional interviews in the second round.

Each interview is divided into three parts: personal background, analysis of a case study and an opportunity for the applicant to ask questions about BCG.

We will get back to each and every candidate with the outcome of their application, test and interview.
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BCG hosts events in locations across the globe to recruit new hires and develop careers. Case competitions, workshops, and the annual Strategy Cup are favorites among attendees of our lively offerings.


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