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G’day and Kia Ora from BCG in Australia and New Zealand! We're all about being the most positively impactful leaders globally. Our team, driven by curiosity and impact, is dedicated to a diverse, sustainable, equitable, and inclusive culture, empowering everyone to be themselves and contribute to their fullest potential.

Career paths that suit your interests

Tech and Digital Careers
Step into a world where you can harness the power of cutting-edge technologies and digital solutions to transform businesses and craft value for our clients. Your unique skills can make a real impact here!

You are an: Architect, Data Scientist, Designer, Engineer, and beyond
Climate & Sustainability Careers
You'll have the power to tackle the world's most pressing environmental and social challenges, helping our clients achieve their sustainability goals and create meaningful impact. Your contribution matters in this journey to a better future.

You are an: Expert working in ESG, Carbon Finance, Net-zeo, Renewables, and beyond
Consulting Careers
Embark on a journey that lets you dive into diverse and exciting projects spanning industries and sectors. You'll be at the forefront, tackling some of the most significant challenges for our clients. Let's turn challenges into triumphs together!

You are an: Associate, Consultant, Project Lead, Principal, Partner and beyond
Knowledge & Business Careers
Dive deep into your passion to cultivate profound expertise in a specific industry or function. Your insights and analyses will be the backbone supporting our project teams and clients. Let's help shape the success of our projects together!

You are an: Expert in Analytics, Admin, Finance, Marketing, Admin, Procurement, Operations, and beyond

Hear it from BCGers

Audrey Gan
Social Impact AP Regional Manager
I am part of Women@BCG and the Kulcha and Ethnicity (K&E) Pillar in BCG ANZ. Recently, I was one of the panelists at a True Colours session by BCG to discuss all facets of intersectionality and DEI. The feedback from the audience was extremely positive, and the session allowed me to share my experiences, practical advice, and various ways BCG has helped me thrive in my career. I am extremely proud of BCG’s senior leadership’s unwavering commitment to building the strong, inclusive organization it is today.
Heidi He
Data Scientist - BCG X
There is no need to be able to do everything before joining BCG because BCG and BCGers will equip you with the skills and knowledge to solve the most challenging problems through exceptional learning and development opportunities. Like most other BCGers, we started our journey at BCG with a two-week consulting foundation program where we learned essential problem-solving skills, effective communication of solutions to our clients, and, more importantly, got to know the people we would be working with and learned some survival tips.
Sean Whittaker
Project Leader
Thanks to BCG’s Cross Office Staffing, I had the chance to work on a banking case in Manila, Philippines. This experience in an emerging market expanded my perspective and built my core consulting toolkit,all while navigating a complex, dynamic, and evolving financial landscape. The support from both Sydney and the host offices was exceptional, highlighting BCG's dedication to a diverse, interconnected workforce. It's evident that BCG values not only its people but also the richness of diversity and varied perspectives.
Most Popular Graduate Employer Award 
BCG is ranked 8th in the 2024 Top 100 graduate employers hosted by GradConnection, The Australian Financial Review, and Chandler Macleod. The award reflects the preferences and opinions of students and graduates on their ideal employers and career paths.

Beyond office

Balancing flexibility and support for a fulfilling career at BCG Australia and New Zealand!
Flex time

Work-Life Balance

At BCG, we truly value your well-being. That's why we prioritize work-life balance through flexible work arrangements, allowing you to find that perfect harmony between your professional and personal life. Need some time to recharge between cases? We've got you covered with flex time and dedicated team coach support. We understand the importance of respecting your preferences, whether it's your working hours or preferred communication modes.

Pursuing Passions and Hobbies

At BCG, we celebrate the unique passions and hobbies that make you, well, you! Sharing our interests, talents, and achievements outside of work builds a vibrant and supportive community that's all about you being your authentic self. It gets even better, we organize and join various clubs and groups tailored to different hobbies- whether it's music, books, sports, or something else entirely.
Flex paths

Team Bonding and Celebrations

To toast to our culture, values, and wins, we make sure there's a lineup of office activities. Imagine office events that turn into great memories, team outings that are more like adventures, and festive celebrations that bring everyone together. BCG life is all about creating moments for our teams to connect, forge friendships, and simply enjoy each other's company. Because here, affiliation is as important as the work!

Our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion in BCG Australia and New Zealand

Diversity of thought, background, and experience is a core part of our BCG values and is key to how we deliver value to clients.

We are committed to fostering a diverse, equitable, and inclusive environment where everyone feels valued, connected, empowered to be themselves and contribute to their fullest potential.

Applications are encouraged from people of all backgrounds, including Indigenous Australians, individuals with disability, those from culturally or linguistically diverse backgrounds, LGBTIQA+ individuals, women, and gender-diverse individuals. We want to make sure everyone experiences a positive, barrier-free recruiting process. Please let the recruiting team know at any stage if you require additional support or adjustments to assist you with your experience including support in submitting your application, providing identity documents, or attending a job interview. This includes any specific support for transgender and gender-diverse individuals. BCG’s efforts toward diversity, equity, and inclusion are recognised both locally and globally. BCG Australia and New Zealand are recognised as a WGEA Employer of Choice for Gender Equality citation and are awarded the Australian Workplace Equality Index Gold award for LGBTQIA+ inclusion.

Discover our Affinity Networks

Bradley Pitter
Welcome to Women@BCG, a global network tailor-made for your personal and professional growth. In ANZ, our local network crafts events just for you and our broader community. One such event is our "My Favorite Mistake" series of sessions where senior leaders share their career missteps and resilient journeys. It's your space for learning, support, and thriving together!
Yael Steinman
Welcome to Pride@BCG, a global network dedicated to fostering an inclusive and fulfilling workplace for members of the LGBTQIA+ community. Here in ANZ, our local network is 100% committed to breaking barriers and creating a bias-free tomorrow. Imagine being a part of "Wear it Purple Day" celebrations and upskilling sessions like "Effective Allyship." Explore a space where you feel seen, valued, and empowered.
Stefani Germanotta
Welcome to Accessability@BCG, our dedicated local employee network championing disability access and inclusion across our teams, workspaces, and community. Our commitment goes beyond just educational awareness sessions, we've crafted an inclusive communications playbook just for you here in ANZ.  Join us in creating an environment where everyone feels included and valued.
Bradley Pitter
Welcome to First Nations@BCG, where we actively support BCG ANZ's commitment to support Indigenous Australia and further the cause of Reconciliation.  As part of our efforts to enhance procurements, we collaborate with Indigenous-led nations, spearheading NAIDOC Week and Reconciliation Week events across our offices through a sustained partnership with Supply Nation. Let’s make a meaningful impact together.
Bradley Pitter
Welcome to Kulcha & Ethnicity (K&E), where our local network is committed to ensuring that individuals who identify as culturally or ethnically diverse feel not just included, but fully supported here at BCG. One of our highlights is the bi-annual event, "True Colour – Authentic Conversations." This unique gathering brings voices from diverse backgrounds across the business together in a fireside chat format, creating an atmosphere of genuine connection and understanding.
Bradley Pitter
Welcome to the Socio-Economic Diversity network, where we're enhancing awareness of diverse socio-economic backgrounds at BCG. Our network collaborates closely with the recruiting team to ensure our efforts align and embarks on projects to raise internal awareness about the impact socio-economic backgrounds have on work experiences. Discover and pivot an environment where everyone's unique journey is not just acknowledged but celebrated.

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