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Application requirements for our consulting positions

Each application should meet our minimum academic requirements:
  • Excellent academic results
  • The final year of Bachelor's or completed Bachelor's, Master's, MBA, or Ph.D. degree for full-time positions.
  • Ongoing Bachelor's (final year) or first year Master's in case of Internship positions.

In addition to academic records, we are looking for extensive extra-curricular activities to demonstrate evidence of impact and legacy, significant contribution, high level of commitment, initiative, and responsibility.

We seek to hire passionate, open-minded individuals from a variety of academic backgrounds, work experiences, perspectives, thinking styles, and expertise. Many talented professionals without business backgrounds come to BCG and thrive here: physicists, historians, chemists, and lawyers have all become successful consultants at BCG.


Our application process 

Each application should include your CV and a Cover Letter. We want to get to know you so please make sure you include information in your cover letter and CV about things you’re passionate about and why BCG is a great career fit for you.
If we decide to take your application further, we'll invite you to complete an Online Case Experience.

This will test your quantitative skills, data interpretations, calculations, and business logic. You will have 30 minutes to complete the test and at the end, you must record a 1-minute video with the final recommendation.

If you pass the Online Case Experience, we'll invite you to a first round of interviews. This round will consist of two/three case interviews that will last 45 minutes each.

We'll provide you with detailed feedback and, depending on how you perform, we may invite you to a final round of interviews.

The final round will consist of two/three case interviews that will last 45 minutes each as well.
4. OFFER​​
If you succeed in your interview process, you will received an offer and be invited to be part of BCG. 

We truly believe that BCG will provide you with the best platform for you to continue building a successful career, surrounded by highly talented individuals and in a collaborative environment. 

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Visiting Associates

As a Visiting Associate you will have the opportunity to join us, becoming fully involved in transformational, cutting-edge client work together with your team. The knowledge, experience, and skills you gain will provide you with a springboard to excel in any field within BCG and beyond.  After a successfully completed internship, you may be offered to return to BCG as a Full-time Associate upon the completion of your university studies.



Entry-level, from the last year of University up to 3 years of work

Joining BCG means taking an important step in making a real impact in the world. All the ideas you've formed at university, all the life experiences you've had will come to play. The learning curve can be steep at times. But with determination, a willingness to learn, and empowering support from mentors you'll be in the best place, surrounded by the best people, to achieve your full potential.



Applications are open all year round for experienced professionals or those who are in the first year for Summer (Internship) position or completing/have recently completed an MBA.

Experienced Professionals

Experienced professionals looking to specialize in particular practice areas or functional topics. 

If you want to grow your career in an innovative, exciting environment, apply to BCG today. 

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What our People like the most about BCG

“Joining BCG as an Associate is a no-regret decision within my professional career.
Not only because of the outstanding professional development and the challenging problems we tackle, but also because of the unique working environment.
BCG brings together really curious and passionate people which I’m glad to call my friends nowadays.

On top of this, BCG always gave me the flexibility needed to pursue my personal goals (and enjoy mountain sports which is something I’m really passionate about).”

Facundo Aguirre, Associate​​​​​
"I joined BCG with the goal of learning about different industries and solving complex problems that generate impact, but I found much more than that.

Learning at BCG is incredibly fast because of the constant challenges I face, surrounded by a team of extremely talented people who push and encourage me to grow. Today I am certain that BCG was a great choice to start my career."

Amparo Castillo Marin, Associate
”Although BCG was unconventional career choice for my background as a biomedical engineer, I decided to join to gain exposure to new perspectives and types of problems. Not only have I managed to work along a variety of industries, from O&G and Mining to Telco and FI, but I also met an amazing group of people, which is what I value the most.”

Camila Cordara - Associate
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