Harness the Value of the Community

Strengthened By Our Bonds
Indigenous@BCG brings together American Indian, Alaska Native, First Nation and Indigenous staff. Through regular community hours and guest speakers, network members comes together around shared experiences and community, while celebrating differences in heritage.

Our Network Focus

Indigenous@BCG prioritizes community building for members and awareness in our greater community.

​​​​​​​Network members engage with each other to strengthen bonds and share experiences.

We aim to not only nourish the community within BCG but to also drive for impact in our external communities.
At BCG we build cultural awareness throughout with prominent guest speakers, programs, and events related to Indigenous topics.

Allies engage with the network to educate themselves and act in support of the network.

Meet BCGers

Get to know members of the network who make our community stronger.

“Indigenous@BCG has provided a space for community, learning, and support. The network includes people from different nations around the world. Hearing their stories and perspectives - and often finding points of connection or similarity - has enriched my experience at BCG.”

Briar Thompson
Partner, NYC, USA
"The support and care we all have for each other makes BCG feel like a home. Through Indigenous@BCG, I’ve made connections (and friends!) with other Indigenous people across offices, tenure-levels, and backgrounds, and I know I can reach out to any of them whenever I have a question, need advice, or just chat."

Noah Cominsky
Chicago, USA