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Early Careers

Looking to start your career in consulting? Explore our student
​​​​​​​opportunities and jobs for recent graduates. 

Embark on a rewarding and fulfilling journey.

At Boston Consulting Group (BCG), your early career can take an extraordinary leap forward. Consulting is a dynamic and impactful profession, focused on helping organizations solve their most complex problems and adapt to the ever-evolving business landscape. As a consultant, you will be an integral part of this change, offering strategic advice and innovative solutions to a wide range of clients. By joining one of our support teams, you will begin a career as a trusted advisor to the business and support our ambitious growth.
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Why start your career at BCG?

We understand the value of nurturing talent from the get-go. Our early career opportunities are dedicated to equipping you with a rich blend of experiences and skills. Careers at BCG are fast paced, intellectually stimulating, and challenge you to perform at your best. Our supportive, high-performance culture ensures that you're always learning and growing, pushing the boundaries of your potential.
Access unparalleled learning opportunities.
Investing in your growth is a priority, and we’ll empower you to take ownership of your development. We offer extensive learning and development opportunities designed to broaden your consulting skills and business insight. From structured training programs and world-class coaching to on-the-job learning, you’ll develop an enviable toolkit that will open doors, setting you up for future success.

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Collaborate with the brightest minds.

At the heart of our success is an emphasis on teamwork. You’ll work with a diverse group of intellectually curious, hard-working colleagues, each bringing their unique perspectives and expertise. This collaborative environment not only enhances our client solutions but also fosters a supportive community where you can thrive. 

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Challenge yourself with a variety of experiences.

Your career at BCG will traverse a multitude of industries and sectors. We partner with a vast array of clients, from multinationals and NGOs to tech startups. You will be exposed to a variety of business challenges and to  opportunities to work with the C-suite of the world’s most influential organizations. This exposure provides a steep learning curve that will not only sharpen your problem-solving skills but also enable you to make a substantial impact from day one.  

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Join us as a consultant or explore our other early career opportunities. 

Begin your journey in a career that’s as rewarding as it is challenging. At BCG, you'll find more than a job - you'll discover a place where your talents are nurtured, your achievements recognized, and your every contribution valued. Start your career with us and experience growth, learning, and success beyond your expectations.

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