IGNITE Webinar

28 April 2022 

Have you ever wondered how your tech skills and knowledge could influence the future of digital?
Would you like to learn more about a career in digital strategy consulting and see how we partner with leaders in business and society to tackle their digital challenges?

DigitalBCG helps clients harness the power of digital, technology, and data to launch new digital ventures, drive digital transformation, and push the boundaries of innovation. Join our upcoming webinar about the metaverse where Joël Hazan and Andrea Gallego will look at the next Era of Digital Transformation.

During this fireside chat they will answer questions like:
-Is metaverse about VR or about Web 3 ?
-Is metaverse about work meetings or about gaming ?
-Is metaverse for kids or millennials ?

Join us and learn more about BCG, the metaverse and a renaissance in digital transformation.
• Introduction to DigitalBCG and career trajectories
• Metatrends shaping new business models and service propositions for consumers

DigitalBCG creates long-lasting value and growth by investing in our clients’ digital and human capabilities. We work shoulder-to-shoulder with organizations to unlock human potential and meet the challenges of continual disruption. Learn more about our interdisciplinary digital consulting teams (BCG Digital Ventures, BCG GAMMA, and BCG Platinion).

​​​​​​​IGNITE Workshop

12- 13 October 2022 

Apply and immerse yourself in the world of DigitalBCG.

This webinar is an introduction set up for our DigitalBCG’s IGNITE event in October 2022. A multi-day online experience, where you can get more insight in some of our industry-shaping digital initiatives.  Meet our IT-consultants, data scientists, technologists, and software engineers, chat with our recruiters, your peers and discover your job potential at BCG.

You can curate your own virtual event program through a selection of interactive master classes and networking opportunities. We provide six hours of live sessions over two consecutive evenings where we explain how BCG clients have harnessed the power of digital, technology, and data to launch new digital ventures, drive digital transformation, and push the boundaries of innovation

IGNITE is designed for career tech professionals who are keen to work in Europe, UK, Brazil, Chile, Morocco, South Africa or the UAE.

We have a limited number of slots available. All applications will be reviewed by our recruiting team and successful applicants will be notified closer to the date. The application round will be opened mid- July. The link will be available on this page.  

Do you have the curiosity to undertake new challenges and the desire to make a difference? Take this opportunity to discover the world of DigitalBCG and connect with our digital specialists. Unlock your potential with us!

About us

BCG has a long history of driving growth by embracing innovation and new ways of thinking and sparking change. We leverage a landscape of capabilities including core consulting, advanced technology, innovative analytics and AI, platform architecture and design, corporate investment and incubation, and many others to bring cutting-edge capabilities to our clients.

BCG’s digital expertise is driven by our digital entities—BCG Digital Ventures, BCG GAMMA, and BCG Platinion—and is complemented by our core consulting teams. Our multidisciplinary, diverse teams combine consulting skills, industry knowledge, advanced analytics, and technological expertise to build new ventures. We work shoulder-to-shoulder with organizations to create unique and extraordinary solutions. Together, we unlock their potential and deliver long-lasting impact.
Learn more about our work and careers on our careers site.

Your BCG IGNITE Event Team

Cornelia Lönne
Cornelia Lönne  Regional Recruiting Events Manager
Paola Fierro Miranda
Paola Fierro Miranda Regional Recruiting Events Coordinator
Olga Chetvertkova
Olga Chetvertkova  Events and Employer Branding Intern

DigitalBCG IGNITE topic experts' team

Sophia Davies
Sophia Davies Platinion Senior IT Architect
Silvia Dvorak
Silvia Dvorak WESA DigitalBCG Diversity & Recruitment Innovation Lead