Empowering Veterans and
​​​​​​​Former Military at BCG

BCG supports former veterans to ensure their successful transition from the military, and empowers them to launch their new careers.

Leaders United

Our former military and veterans employee resource groups support and empower BCGers, ensuring that they are able to successfully contribute their own unique experience and skills to the firm. Members include BCGers from all around the world that were formerly in the millitary or intelligence agencies—all of whom have successfully transitioned to BCG and brought a strong foundation of leadership, mentorship, and adaptability to the firm.

We ensure our veterans’ success through ongoing training, coaching, feedback, and formal and informal mentorship. We also offer opportunities throughout the year to connect, share experiences, and engage with other members and share experiences at social events and conferences. 

Watch the video below to hear about Jenn and Peter’s journey from the military to BCG.

Reaching New Heights

From 1:1 mentorship opportunities, to help navigating BCG’s network and resources, our support makes strong leaders even stronger. 

Meet us at an event near you.

Our events for former military and veterans allow you to connect with members of our employee resource groups and learn about what life would be like at BCG.

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Meet BCGers

Our veteran and former military members range from assistants to senior managing directors to IT specialists, working across every part of BCG and at every level. 

“Leaving the military felt like a big step. The ex-military network was great at welcoming me in and setting me up for success from Day 1. The mentoring and support network, and seeing a few friendly faces, helped me to build strong foundations from the start. It enabled me to focus on why BCG had hired me and applying the skills I had to offer from my time in the Armed Forces.”

William Stinton
Military@BCG Member
“On my first day at BCG, one of the members of the Veterans@BCG Network found me before the day was even halfway over. He welcomed me in person and made sure I knew how to find him. Coming into the corporate world from the military can be extremely daunting. It made an enormous impact to know that there was someone else in the office who understood my background and was there to help.”

Eileen Donovan 
Knowledge Analyst Veterans@BCG Member
“To me, the Veterans@BCG Network is an opportunity to give back. When I was a new consultant, I had a lot of mentorship and support from veterans that I found incredibly helpful as I grew my career. Now I have an opportunity to help the next crop of veterans transitioning to BCG to be successful in doing all the great work that we do.”

Eric Sparks
Managing Director and Partner
Veterans@BCG Member
“My leadership and team foster a culture supportive of military service. Service members are clearly valued as critical and enriching to our organization. I’ve been especially grateful for outstanding benefits that ensure my family is well cared for while I am transitioning on and off military duty. BCG and its dedicated Veterans Network truly enable my service to our country and communities through the National Guard. I feel fortunate to work for this outstanding company!”

Jeffrey Mnich
IT Scrum Master
Senior Manager
​​​​​​​Veterans@BCG Member
“Leaving the military feels like a big step, leaving behind not just people you’ve shared a lot of experiences with but also a unique way of life. BCG’s ex-military network was key to making me feel welcome, and cushioning the landing into the civilian world. This support make the first months in the job much smoother, particularly the active mentorship, helping me learn how to leverage the skills I had from military service into the consulting space.”

Felix Hodson
​​​​​​​Military@BCG Member


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