Supporting the LGBTQ+ Community at BCG

Pride@BCG offers extensive career-development support, as well
as mentorship and networking opportunities to help BCGers excel
​​​​​​​and connect with fellow LGBTQ+ professionals.

Be respected and celebrated for who you are. 

You can’t solve the world’s biggest problems without an inclusive culture, which is why our global Pride@BCG network strives to make BCG the most fulfilling firm for LGBTQ+ community members. We provide a welcoming, LGBTQ-friendly environment to ensure that all employees have opportunities to succeed and become leaders for positive change—throughout their careers at BCG and beyond.

Take advantage of Pride@BCG's numerous affiliation events—such as happy hours and global and regional get togethers—to develop strong informal relationships and friendships with senior members of the group. The best part? You’ll always be a part of this amazing community, even if you leave BCG. Pride@BCG alumni maintain an active, ongoing relationship with the group.
Celebrating 25 years of Pride@BCG
Since it's founding in 1998, Pride@BCG has increasingly become a core part of BCG's culture and provided LGBTQ+ BCGers and allies with the opportunity to connect, build community, and find support. In honor of the 25th anniversary of Pride@BCG, network members and allies came together to share how they have benefitted from being a part of this global community. 

Our points of focus.


Our organization is most successful when we elevate our diversity of thought and create environments where all our employees can thrive. That’s why Pride@BCG concentrates on:

Creating a culture that is safe and comfortable for all LGBTQ+ BCGers so that they feel able to be themselves fully at work.  
Expanding access to LGBTQ+ talent pools by sponsoring recruiting events such as, ROMBA (USA), EurOut, LGBT Leaders (UK), LGBT Talents (France), Rise (India), and Pride2Be (Brazil). 
Conducting and publishing original research and thought leadership on LGBTQ-related topics.
Sponsoring and serving as thought partners with organizations that advocate for LGBTQ+ rights, such as WEF Partnership for Global LGBTI Equality, GiveOut, Open for Business, and OUTstanding.
Articulating BCG’s values externally at tables and in forums that matter.

Meet BCGers

From every part of the globe and at every seniority level, Pride members are thriving in unique and personalized ways. With much opportunity for growth and empowerment, you can define your own path and experience.


"When I applied for the job of Senior IT Specialist, I was very upfront with the fact I was in the process of transitioning. The response I had from my first interaction with HR was fantastic! I felt so comfortable working through the hiring process knowing that BCG is a company that thrives on diversity....Since starting and working with BCG I have been able continue my transition while feeling supported and appreciated."

Sophie De Vries (she/her)
IT Senior Specialist


"Pride@BCG was definitely one of the main reasons I chose to join BCG. Getting the positive reinforcement during my recruitment that I could be my authentic self at my workplace was exactly what I needed to make my choice."

Rajthilak Rajasekar (he/him)
Project Leader

"The Pride@BCG network has enabled me to grow both my confidence and leadership skills, while being part a community that shares similar experiences with mine. Very early into my BCG career I joined the Pride@NXA network and I feel like that really impacted by ability to be comfortable with introducing myself to others and building my professional network both in and outside of the network. " 

Tavia Harris (she/her)
Finance Assistant 

"Pride@BCG has been a companion to me since the very start of my BCG journey. It’s a community of people who demonstrate that this is an environment that you can succeed in no matter your identity or self-expression."

Amrit Sharma (he/him)
Project Leader

Respecting your journey. 

Pride@BCG recognizes the social and cultural differences that may exist globally, so we’ve created three membership levels so you can engage comfortably with the network. You can choose to be 1) a general member (out to all of BCG), 2) a confidential member (out only to Pride@BCG members), or 3) a confidential subscriber to our emails (out only to Pride@BCG admin team). If you do not identify as LGBTQ+, we welcome you to join as an ally.

We fully respect each person’s choices about their own journey and, where appropriate, need for confidentiality. Your choice to come out to your fellow BCGers is your choice, and we respect your privacy.


Beyond Proud


Be Your Authentic Self

Proudly growing Pride@BCG.

​​​​​​​“DE&I is core to who we are at BCG, and very important to me personally. We are all accountable for strengthening DE&I. LGBTQ inclusion and allyship are fundamental to that."
- Christoph Schweizer, CEO

From leading-edge benefits to 1:1 mentoring opportunities, our support of the LGBTQ+ community runs deep. 


Pride In Our Own Words

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