Uplifting the Indigenous Community at BCG

Our Indigenous employee resource groups provide opportunities for Native American/Alaska Native, First Nation, and Indigenous employees to build community, belonging, and awareness at the firm.

Strengthened By Our Bonds

Our Indigenous employee resource groups, Indigenous@BCG in North America and FirstNations@BCG in Australia and New Zealand, bring together American Indian, Alaska Native, First Nations, and Indigenous staff. Through regular community hours and guest speakers, members comes together around shared experiences and community while celebrating differences in heritage. We prioritize building community for members and building awareness across the firm.

Meet BCGers

“Indigenous@BCG has provided a space for community, learning, and support. The network includes people from different nations around the world. Hearing their stories and perspectives—and often finding points of connection or similarity—has enriched my experience at BCG.”

Briar Thompson
Indigenous@BCG Member
“Indigenous@BCG is growing, and we are building a strong community here. It’s important, because business is critical to progressing economic sovereignty in Indigenous
communities. My vision is to build an army of BCG-experienced leaders that will eventually go back to their
communities to apply all that they have learned.”

Jon Swan 
Managing Director and Partner 
North America
​​​​​​​Indigenous@BCG Lead
“The support and care we all have for each other makes BCG feel like a home. Through Indigenous@BCG, I’ve made connections (and friends!) with other Indigenous people across offices, tenure levels, and backgrounds, and I know I can reach out to any of them whenever I have a question, need advice, or just chat.”

Noah Cominsky
ConsultantIndigenous@BCG Member
“Having grown up surrounded by Indigenous heritage in Dunghutti country in northern New South Wales, I was excited see the First Nations network emerging when I returned to Australia after many years abroad. Being part of this network gives me the opportunity to put my consulting skillset to use to support Indigenous-led action on critical topics in the Australian landscape.”

Mark Beaumont
Project Leader FirstNations@BCG Member
“Since I had the opportunity to do a secondment at the South West Aboriginal Land and Sea Council, I realised that the gap in living standards and opportunities between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians is not permanent, and many great initiatives and people are driving to close it. Being part of FirstNations@BCG helps me contribute to BCG’s effort to do just that. I’m passionate about sharing the message, and the events the group runs continue to open my eyes and build enthusiasm among the whole BCG ANZ system that we can make meaningful change in an extremely important area.”

Peter Adam
PrincipalFirstNations@BCG Member


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