Uplifting Families
​​​​​​​at BCG

Our family-focused employee resource groups bring together working parents and other caregivers to provide a supportive community and opportunities to connect and learn.

Supporting families and working parents on ​​their unique journeys

Our family-focused employee resource groups bring together working parents and other caregivers to provide a supportive community and opportunities to connect and learn. Members come together to share experiences, tips and tricks, and resources. Programming is focused on how members can effectively support their families while creating successful and sustainable careers at BCG.

We are proud to provide best-in-class benefits and are dedicated to your success as parents and caregivers.
Supporting Caregivers Transitioning Back to Work
Working caregivers—particularly women—left the workforce in record numbers during the COVID-19 pandemic. Returning to work isn't always easy, but OneDay@BCG, our virtual experience program, is here to help. Our Return to Work module will help build the skills needed for a smooth return to work, simplifying the associated transitions, such as balancing work with family needs. 

Meet BCGers

Raising a family looks different for everyone, and comes with different sets of challenges. No matter how common or unique those are, anyone can find a role model and support they need.​​​​​​​

“This network has empowered me to set strong boundaries to protect my precious family time, and I’ve leaned on my fellow Families@BCG members for advice on everything and anything child related. I’m also very thankful for the friendships I’ve formed through this network, in addition to all the new playmates my two kids get as a result.”

Brienne Buhagiar
Events Senior Manager
“The Families@BCG network has been a constant pillar of support for me - especially given the fact that my family moved across continents just before the pandemic. It has helped us build a support system outside family that has often helped with recommendations on child care and activities to keep children engaged. Some of the expert sessions organized by the network helped me learn how my peers were navigating COVID and work-from-home with kids.”

Arnav Tanwar
“The buddy program was very helpful when my son was born. I felt like I had a community of like-minded parents who are going through the same challenges. I got some of my best tips from my co-workers!”

Janice Reinold
Senior Executive Assistant
“Families@BCG has been a great resource for navigating through the ups and downs of parenting. From getting recommendations for child care or doctors to advice on how to better help my boys in various life stages they are in, to encouragement from one parent to another. Knowing I have a supportive group to turn to in this journey has been a life and sanity saver!”

Robyn Chilcoat
Administrative Services Manager


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