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We’re the Knowledge Team at BCG.

BCG’s Knowledge Team (KT) is the bridge between consulting and functional and industry experience. We are the experts that deliver cutting-edge insights to our consulting teams and clients, enabling them to deepen our capabilities and deliver innovative and impactful solutions to some of the biggest challenges facing businesses today.

Choose a career path that suits you. 

Depending on your skills and interests, you’ll either join the Client Focus path or the Topic Activation path. The roles are similar but involve a different proportional mix of client work, business development, and thought leadership development, and both make for an exciting and dynamic career.

Nowhere else can you share a seat at the table with fellow world-class experts while taking on such a broad range of challenges across industries for leading businesses. The variety of work and the opportunity to grow your expertise while making a real-world impact with our teams will allow you to unlock your true potential. 

Our Knowledge Team has a strong reputation that sets you up for success. In your role, you’ll gain the experience to springboard your career within BCG, from leading Practice Areas to other opportunities like our Expert Consulting path.

Client Focus KT

On the Client Focus path, you’ll bring insights and expertise to our case teams. As an expert in your industry or function, you’ll partner with our clients on casework, and equip our consulting teams with the knowledge they need to create solutions tailored to our clients’ needs.

Topic Activation KT

On the Topic Activation path, you’ll build out our portfolio of industry-leading insights. Harnessing your deep functional or industry expertise, you’ll create advanced and innovative intellectual property, tools, processes, and content, as well as contribute to client casework and proposals.  

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OneDay@BCG, our interactive virtual experience program, will give you insight into what it would be like to solve meaningful challenges with our diverse and forward-thinking team. 

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