BCG Unlock

Pre-MBA Summer Program

Unlock your full potential with a behind-the scenes look at BCG for pre-MBA students.

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BCG Unlock

BCG Unlock is a summer learning program that introduces incoming MBAs to the insights and experiences that make BCG unique. Through BCG Unlock, you can get a head start on the Fall recruiting season, building your skills and growing your network through a series of virtual events. 

If eligible for BCG Unlock, you can expect personal, candid dialogue with BCG consultants and leaders, as well as your pre-MBA peers. You’ll get to explore how our transformational work and digital capabilities help our clients solve the world’s toughest problems. You’ll also hear firsthand from current BCGers about the opportunities, support systems, and tools we offer to help you grow in your career and beyond. Every BCG Unlock conversation is a chance to ask what you’ve always wanted to know about the consulting industry and BCG. 

BCG Unlock programming is optional and virtual, designed to easily fit into your summer schedule even if you are still working full-time.

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BCG Unlock participants must be enrolled in one of the full-time MBA programs listed below, entering their first year in the fall of 2023. Please note, BCG Unlock is not for second year, part-time, or executive MBAs). If you are a dual-degree student (e.g. MD/MBAs, JD/MBAs, etc.), you are eligible to register for Unlock, and we encourage you to do so the spring before you begin the first year of your MBA program.

When registering for BCG Unlock, please use your respective school email if you already have it.

Eligible two-year MBA programs are:
Unlocking Diverse Talent
At BCG, we believe our success hinges on our ability to elevate diversity of experience and thought. We aim to recruit passionate, open-minded people of all ethnicities, gender identities, sexual orientations, abilities and experiences. This summer, BCG will host additional Unlock programming for candidates interested in our Black, Latinx, Indigenous, Women, Pride (LGBTQ+), Veteran, and Asian Diversity networks.
BCG Empower
BCG Empower is an invite-only workshop within BCG Unlock for select participants who identify as Black/African American, Hispanic/Latino, and/or Native American/Alaska Native/Indigenous. Designed to provide you with hands-on experience, BCG Empower will help you grow your business toolkit and learn the skills you’ll need to solve some of the world’s biggest problems.

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