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Get a sense for the role you can play in a variety ​​​​​​​of industries ​​​​​to create your own unique career journey.
You Drive. We'll Navigate
If we show you a path, you'll just want to take it. At BCG you’re empowered to create your own path. A vast portfolio of global clients across industries results in expansive opportunities. But it’s for you to find. We'll give you direction. The journey is up to you.
Take a Seat and Make Real Impact
When we say we change the world, we’re serious. Whether we’re working with healthcare, manufacturing, government, or other industry leaders, BCGers ignite the sparks that change industries and communities every day. Our work is impactful, far reaching, and powered by people like you.
Finding a $200,000,000 opportunity
Imagine the value of getting treatments to cancer patients more quickly and effectively. BCGers did just that, and added $200 million of revenue potential to their client’s growth plan.
Finding a $200,000,000 opportunity
Investing in people can completely change a local community. Consider the impact of getting world leaders to do the same thing. ​​​​​​​
Finding a $200,000,000 opportunity
With a new perspective on change from the inside out, BCG teams accelerated the learning impacts and classroom achievements for over 1.5 million students in India.
Finding a $200,000,000 opportunity
A legacy automotive giant experienced how BCG digital transformations are truly transformative.
“I'm excited about all the possibilities of what I can do at BCG and beyond. I've gained so much valuable experience and I am excited about all of the industries and companies I can apply that to in my future work.”

Amira Hannon
Work With Experts Across Industries
Joining BCG means learning from a network of experts all over the world. It also means experiencing industries from retail and technology to energy and insurance. There is no shortage of opportunities to expand your knowledge and leave a lasting impression.
Explore With Intellectual Curiosity
Your talents are too big for small tasks. BCG is a place where your work takes on a different shape with every project and every client. Ideate and co-create with a diverse mix of clients across industries and continents. Imagine what that means for your career.
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