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DAS recruits, develops, and deploys digitally focused consultants and experts to address our clients' needs. An interconnected, virtual system, DAS enables consultants with an interest in digital and technology to accelerate their careers with enhanced exposure to digital casework, career platforms and training, and access to a robust digital network within BCG.

The future is bionic and it's already here.

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Bradley Pitter

AJ Marino

BCG New York
What excites you about DAS?

I love being part of what feels like a start-up within the far-reaching and impactful organization that is BCG. Having the backing of such a powerful firm behind a team of digitally-minded strategists has endless potential, and I love that I get to be a part of defining what it means to be a DAS consultant.
Yael Steinman

Eshang Saini

BCG Chicago
What DAS project are you most proud of and why?

I'm extremely proud of developing an entire technology change roadmap and business case for an insurance client.  We presented the path to transformation and got investment proposal from the client's board.  It is immeasurably empowering to design change at a company wide scale and see our recommendations implemented and launched.
Bradley Pitter

Helen Kondos

Project Leader
BCG Dallas
What excites you about DAS?

DAS is about exploring the intersection between business strategy and the digital imperative. We're able to get all parts of the organization, including business teams and IT teams, excited about moving to digital
Stefani Germanotta

Shaleen Jain

BCG Atlanta
What has DAS unlocked in you?

A seat at the table where key decisions are made regarding future strategic moves of large multi-billion dollar companies.
Bradley Pitter

Miles Fuller

BCG Atlanta
What has DAS unlocked in you?

DAS has unlocked a confidence in myself to undertake challenging questions with a spirit of optimism and collaboration. As consultants, we are not expected to walk in with all of the answers.  We are, however, expected to engage a wide range of resources to structure the problem and push forward the thinking. BCG's DAS team is filled with an incredible set of knowledgeable resources.
Bradley Pitter

Becky Frederick

BCG Seattle
What excites you about being a part of DAS?

Bringing strategic intent to life through digital - from building bionic platforms to shaping the next generation of technology products and services!
Bradley Pitter

Manik Jain

Managing Director and Partner
DAS Recruiting Partner
BCG Austin
What has DAS unlocked in you?

The curiosity to continuously learn from the expertise and backgrounds that many of our teams bring and the confidence that the way we team from digital strategy to transformation is unique.   

I have picked up digital marketing tricks from a summer intern, and dove into data platforms with our architects. When I started at BCG 12 years ago, never did I imagine I would be learning from and integrating so many disciplines in my work.

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