Beyond healthcare.

Healthcare is very important work. Learn how you can improve the lives and health of millions of people whilst we take you beyond healthcare. Not only will you discover the wide range of topics that play a role in healthcare, but you'll also discover why we need to drive tomorrow's important issues forward.

At the workshop, you will immerse yourself in the day-to-day work at BCG and experience first-hand how much impact you can have in a wide variety of areas as a consultant at BCG. As part of a team, you'll be working on a real-life case. This involves looking at a variety of relevant aspects and developing effective approaches to solving complex issues.
In addition to working together on the content whilst being guided by our dedicated coaches, and after having presented your casework, it’s time to turn the tables: you can all ask your hard-hitting questions to our consultants, but also quiz our Talent Acquisition Specialist on our recruiting processes.

You are invited.
Are you ready to create a real impact and to go beyond healthcare?

We invite students from Swiss universities in the following fields of study: life sciences (incl. medicine), STEM or humanities in the fourth semester and upwards. Please apply with your CV and university grade transcripts from current and past studies.

Please apply no later than Sunday, April 23.
Apply here by April 23.
to attend the workshop on May 4th.

Beyond healthcare. 

Zurich, May 4th - from 10 -16 hrs.
In a nutshell: what can you expect?
  • Learn how the healthcare sector works and the wide range of issues involved in global health.
  • Work with BCG’ers and other participants to develop a strategy for launching an important drug in a region with a low average income.
  • Find out how you can contribute at BCG with a background in life sciences (incl. medicine), STEM or humanities.
  • Get hands-on experience of working in the Group and how you can create true impact for society as a consultant.
  • Gain insight into BCG's practice groups, subject diversity, and expertise
  • Find out how the interview process works with us
  • Expand your network by meeting many interesting BCG’ers and participants from a variety of backgrounds.


Bradley Pitter
Michaela Wirth
Talent Acquisition
​​​​​​​Managing Specialist